The universal interface.
Re:connect M200/M203
TV control and KNX building technology.


Re:connect M200 / Re:connect M203

The two interfaces Re:connect M200 /and Re:connect M203 are identical in many respects. The thinking behind it, is that depending on the selected source, the M series can transmit commands over the device's RS232 interface to third-party devices.
The M200 Domotic interface offers some additional functions such as the control of relays and the evaluation of trigger inputs.



TV control from the M100 via M203
TV control from the M100 via M203

TV control

A selected television, which itself also must have an RS232 interface, can be controlled over the RS232 interface on the M200/M203. A television can be switched on or off, dependent on the source selected at a Re:system product but also in combination with the Re:connect M219 side room amplifiers. Also, depending on the selected source, the television's video switch is switched over.

Imagine the following scenario. You want to listen to a radio programme. You press a button on a Revox remote control or control panel and the system starts to play. You listen to the radio programme. Now you want to watch the television news. Again, if your Revox world includes an M200 or M300 interface, the press of a single button is enough. The command switches the amplifier over to the required audio input. In this case, the audio signal is coming from the television receiver. At the same time, the Revox amplifier sends the information to the M200/M300 interface that the television is active. The interface then sends a command over the control cable to switch the television on and to activate the integrated television tuner.

In the next step, you want to watch a DVD from the M51 or M100. You press the DVD button on your remote control. The amplifier switches over to the DVD audio input and with the help of the M200/M203 interface, organises that the television switches over to another video input. Namely that input that is connected to the DVD player.

Finally, you want to listen to some music from the Revox audio server. In this case, no picture is needed on the television. So, the M51 switches the television off.

And that's how simple and logic operation in the Revox world can be. One remote control and the press of one button and you have already reached your desired audio-visual destination.

Supported TV brands

The list of televisions that can be controlled through a Re:connect M200/M300 interface is long and changes regularly.

As well as the Revox E642 and M642 HD televisions, we also support the following brands:
- Pioneer
- Panasonic Professional line
- Panasonic Viera
- Sharp
- LG
- Metz
- Loewe
- Agath

As the manufacturers change their televisions frequently, we cannot offer any guarantee that each new model from these brands will work. Not every model of a particular brand always has the technical conditions needed for a control.

Please contact one of our authorised dealers for more information.

Re:connect M200 with interfaces
Re:connect M200 with interfaces

The small control centre M200

The Re:connect M200 domotic interface doesn't just have a RS232 interface, but it can also carry out small automation tasks in a Home Cinema.

The interface has two relays that can be closed or opened depending on which source has been selected. It is also possible to control these relays through an infrared remote control. In conjunction with the selected source, his gives you an easy way to control a projection screen or a mechanism to raise a television.

The two trigger inputs, with a small direct current between 5 and 24 volts, enables the activation of an input on a Revox amplifier. You could set it up, for example, so that the system is always started when a small switch close to the front door is activated. Or through another switch, you could send a System Off command to the whole Revox system so that all rooms can be switched off with the press of just one button.

Finally, the M200 has a 10 V voltage ramp to control a dimmer, for example. In this way, you could control the lighting from the comfort of your sofa.

Many other solutions can also achieved in connection with our cooperation partners Gira or Feller. Please contact one of our authorised dealers in this respect.

Connections M200 and M203

The two RJ11 sockets are for connection to the Revox M-Link bus. If several M20x products are being used, the M-Link bus can simply be linked through in series by the interfaces.
A maximum of two M200/M300 can be used at a Re:system product.

Control of a HDMI switch

If a television cannot be controlled through RS232, Revox can still offer a very advanced level of user comfort with the help of controllable HDMI switchover units.

An M200/M300 can control a selection of HDMI switches. Depending on the design of the switches, they can have up to six HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. The HDMI output is assigned to the television.

Depending on the selection source, the HDMI switchover unit is then set up through an RS232 control so that the correct video signal is sent to the television.

In this way, the television has to be switched on manually, for example through a macro function from the Re:control M208. The switching of the video signals however, is done automatically.

Currently, we support HDMI switchover units from
- Gefen
- AF electronics

Gira push-button with media control
Gira push-button with media control

Multimedia fully integrated in building management technology

With the Re:connect M203 KNX, Revox has created an interface to modern building management systems on the basis of the KNX bus system.
The clear goal is to achieve maximum operational comfort for the user. You want to watch a DVD and need several different actions to be carried out in your house. The screen is lowered from the ceiling along with the projector. The Revox multimedia system is started and if required the lighting is dimmed or if it's daylight, the window shutters are lowered in order to prevent sun glare. And that can all be done in the KNX world with the press of a single button.


KNX/EIB is an intelligent system for electrical installation, which, via automation and remote control technology, makes living and working more comfortable, more flexible and safer. The condition for this is that the decision for a KNX/EIB installation is already made in the planning phase.
The bundling of procedures into one scene offers a new level of user comfort. Experience the world of building management technology in conjunction with the fascination of the Revox multimedia world in the Gira Revox Studios or the Revox Feller Studios.


The Re:connect M203 KNX interface is connected to the BCU2 FT1.2 as a Gateway on the KNX system through an RS232 interface.
The Revox interface listens to the communication on the KNX bus and filters out the commands that are relevant for the Revox world. Up to 32 commands are available per room.
Source selection, Revox scenes, volume adjustments, string commands and party mode can be controlled from the KNX world.
The Revox system sends responses about the status to the KNX world. The KNX system can evaluate this information and trigger a follow-on action from it. Revox also sends two text information records to the KNX system for each active source. This information gives an overview of the current status. Typically, this is the name of the current source and an additional information. For example "FM Tuner" and the RDS identifier of the radio station, such as "Classic FM".

Technische Daten

Re:connect M200 Interface

AbmessungenH 65 x B 140 x T 40 mm
Gewicht 330 g
Max. Kabellänge 100 m (M200 - M51)
30 m (M200 - IR-Empfänger)
Relais-Schaltspannung Max. 42 Volt
Max. Wechselstrom AC 8 A (ohmsche oder induktive Last)
Max. Gleichstrom DC 8 A (ohmsche Last) / 4 A (induktive Last)
Eingangsspannung Max. 24 Volt (Gleichstrom DC)
Eingangsschwellenspannung 5 V (Gleichstom DC)
Eingangswiderstand 2 kOhm
Ausgangsspannung 0-10 Volt (Gleichstrom DC)
Ausgangsstrom 10 mA

Re:connect M203 Interface

Abmessungen H 25 x B 113 x T 50 mm
Gewicht 150 g
Stromaufnahme ohne IR 35 mA
Max. Kabellänge 100 m (M203 - M51)
Max. Kabellänge 30 m (M203 - IR-Empfänger)


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Re:connect M200 with relay
Re:connect M200 with relay
Re:connect M203 RS232 control
Re:connect M203 RS232 control
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