The compact bass.
Re:sound S active bass 03
Ideal for the stereo supplement.

Re:sound S active bass 03

The Re:sound S active bass 03 will impress you through its powerful bass reproduction with the integrated 80 watt amplifier. Its speciality is delivering unbelievable performance from the smallest dimensions, making the Re:sound active bass 03 the ideal partner wherever space is at a premium. The Re:sound active bass 03 can be combined perfectly with the smaller Re:sound S speakers like the Re:sound S piccolo.


With the 80 W amplifier and a 180 mm bass chassis, the Re:sound S active bass 03 ensures a powerful sound pressure level of 102 dB. With an edge length of 260 mm, the cube offers a rock solid capacity that enables it to contribute effectively as part of a Home cinema system.

The Re:sound S active bass 03 also provides an ideal accompaniment for the Re:sound I invisible speaker and enhances the already good frequency response curve through its base notes.



Technische Daten

RMS Ausgangsleistung80 Watt
Impulsausgangsleistung100 Watt
Eingangsimpedanz22 kOhm (LFE und Line In)
Übertragungsbereich30 Hz - 200 Hz (IEC 268)
Max. Schalldruck102 db
1 x 180 mm, Langhub
H 275 x B 260 x T 285 mm
Gewicht8 kg


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