S speaker series - Diversity through combination

The central thought behind the development of the Revox S series was to create a comprehensive speaker system where solutions for complete living areas and listening requirements could be achieved, by the ability to freely combine the individual models. The S speaker series offers an almost  inexhaustible spectrum of options, from the smallest stereo solution for the  kitchen or the office, right up to the powerful 5:1 Home Cinema system.

Piccolo S60

With the smallest dimensions of 14 cm cube edge length, the Revox Piccolo S60 offers an amazing sound picture. The Syncax speaker chassis developed by Revox, combines a powerful low mid-range speaker and a 14 mm tweeter in just one chassis. 

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Bass S04 Active Speaker

For many Home Cinema enthusiasts, the bass speaker cannot be powerful enough. With its 250 watt amplifier, the Revox Bass S04 offers enough performance for the big Home Cinema experience.

A powerful, long-throw 260 mm bass speaker ensures the reproduction of the lowest frequencies and in this way, provides a massive reinforcement to the acoustic experience.

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