Revox Control V255 Display

A dedicated touchscreen for your automation solution provides the perfect control interface for your environment. From security to lighting solutions, a dedicated visualization interface is essential in offering an intuitive and welcoming setting.

The new Revox Control Display V255 can be used as a dedicated in-wall control for Revox Multiuser/Multiroom solutions, for the Revox M-Series and the Joy-Series. The Revox Control Display has a blocked system architecture for End Users so the panel starts automatically with the Revox Multiuser App.

In the open Android Version you're able to install all available android applications to control your multiroom audio system, lighting, your home control App etc. or use your favorite applications.

Both versions are based on industrial components:

  • High performance HD, IPS 5.5 "LCD, 1280x720
  • Smart microphones combined with high quality far field voice capture technologies (including echo cancellation, noise suppression, direction of arrival and voice activity detection)
  • proximity sensor
  • brightness sensor
  • Dual Band 2.4GHz & 5.0GHz Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
  • PoE 802.3af

Delivered with a special Revox mounting plate for 1 and 2 UP unit recessed boxes compatible with all EU country standards.

Suitable for retrofit market as a replacement for M217 / M218. For this replacement you can use the WLAN version for control without a network cable. 

Please find technical specification here.

Multiuser V218 Gira/Revox wall control
Multiuser V218 Gira/Revox wall control
Multiuser V218 Feller/Revox wall control
Multiuser V218 Feller/Revox wall control

Multiuser wall-mounted operating panel 218

When it comes to controlling multimedia systems, it would be difficult to imagine a world without Smartphone and tablet Apps. And of course, Revox also offers an intuitive and comprehensive App for Multiuser. But is an App always the best and more importantly, the simplest way to operate an audio system? Just to be able to walk into a room and listen to your music with a single press of a button has an irresistible appeal, even in this era of the ubiquitous touchscreen.

And for this reason, even with the Multiuser System, Revox has again gone with the option of the press of a button on the wall-mounted panel, as it did 30 years ago when the Revox Multiroom system first saw the light of day.

In today's Multiuser world, you can also label and program each wall unit button individually, making it possible to customise the Multiuser System to your personal requirements and desires. Simply put, good things survive down the generations, simply because they are good.

Different layouts in Gira design

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