The Multiuser Server

At the heart of the Revox Multiuser System is the Multiuser server. It makes a whole range of services available to the user. At the same time, it demonstrates its simple and intuitive operating concept that makes it easy to get to grips with all the products from the Revox world as well as products from third-party suppliers. The server runs as software on a Linux computer. We carried out extensive testing in this respect and in the end, we decided on the Synology NAS drive as our platform of choice. With their high level of reliability, optimum performance and a very flexible structure, Synology products make it possible to customise the system to meet users' requirements in the best possible way.

The Multiuser Server takes care of all the services that are required to achieve reliable and comfortable operation. This includes the Voxnet Internet radio service with fixed, user-related radio stations and the administration of the Multiuser triggers. These are event-dependent inputs, which, when activated, can transmit a single command or a sequence of commands as part of the comprehensive control structure of the Multiuser System. Further important roles are played by the Multiuser action service and the Multiuser menu service. They facilitate integration with modern building management applications and the creation of external GUIs.

One of the highlights within the range of Multiuser services is the IP proxy service. This makes it possible to integrate and control third-party products within the Revox world. That could be a television, Apple TV or a Blu-ray player. Always with the guiding principle that one press of a button in the Multiuser world should create an experience. Simple, intuitive, sustainable.

The Multiuser server versions

Revox uses some products from the Synology programme that have been selected especially because they are best suited to meet the requirements of the Multiuser world. Depending on your particular wishes, Revox can recommend Synology products for you either for installation in a 19" rack or as a desktop version.

The maximum number of concurrent audio streams in a Multiuser system is also defined by the hardware performance of the Synology drives. Currently. Revox is offering models that support up to 8 users and 8 audio streams. With the selected models, you can also determine the size of the storage, within the limits set by Synology, which at the moment means that you have options from 1 TB right up to 48 TB.

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