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Multiuser KNX Gateway
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KNX control integration

With the new KNX Gateway, the powerful Multiuser System from Revox becomes part of the primary building automation system. Revox has been focussing on networking for many years and offers future-proofed solutions for the integration of building technologies and entertainment electronics into one holistic system. The Revox Multiuser System can be controlled from the KNX world, and Revox can also send commands  to the KNX world so that- both worlds work hand in hand to bring maximum benefits to the user.

The Multiuser KNX gateway

The KNX gateway for the Revox Multiuser System is designed to meet the requirements of installers and electricians for the perfect implementation. The KNX gateway which comes in a series mounting case with an installation width of 2 HP is the interface between the Multiuser and the KNX world. In addition to the certified KNX input, the KNX gateway offers a LAN network connection for communication with the Revox Multiuser System. The power supply can be provided by the Ethernet interface via Power over Ethernet (PoE) or externally. Revox offers a comprehensive database for the ETS software to configure the KNX system, containing all communication objects for the Voxnet system.

Each Multiuser KNX gateway supports up to 10 rooms of the Revox Multiuser System. A Multiuser Server can integrate two KNX gateways, thus up to 20 rooms can be integrated into the Multiuser System for pure KNX control.

Room functions

For each room, the Multiuser KNX gateway currently offers 50 communication objects allowing comprehensive control of the Revox Multiuser System. For many communication objects,  feedback can be provided by the gateway, thus the current status of a room can be seen at the KNX push-button. The control elements in the KNX world can select users and sources of the Multiuser System. Besides volume control and mute,  the most important control commands of the classic consumer electronics like "Pause", "Next" or "Previous" are integrated. There are four individual timers for each room of a Multiuser System  which can be configured to personal needs such as wake-up time, week days, source and initial volume. While it's not possible to change these timers over KNX, a keystroke allows  the morning alarm clock to be activated or deactivated. An LED on the KNX push-button shows the corresponding status.

Totally individual

For each room four individual user actions can be stored in the Multiuser configurator. These actions can be selected by one single keystroke from the KNX world. Individual scenes can be stored, for example, setting the alarm so that you are woken up by increasing the volume step by step or integrating TV devices that do not have their own KNX interface. For the integration of external products, they must be able to be integrated into the Multiuser System by means of a driver, which is possible for many consumer electronic products.

Experience the diversity by the single push of a button

Scenes can be stored in the KNX world to reproduce recurring sequences with the single push of a button. Just imagine: You return home after a long and exhausting work day and with only one keystroke  your house welcomes you with the appropriate lighting and relaxing music in several rooms. Or when leaving the house you want to make sure that all electrical products are switched off. A single keystroke at the front door or in the garage is enough to perform these actions.

The KNX gateway allows the integration of such scenes into the Revox Multiuser System.

Revox controls KNX

It is also possible to control functions in the KNX world from the Revox world. Depending on certain conditions in the Multiuser System, commands can automatically be sent to the KNX system. Select a movie in your home cinema  with a Revox remote control. Multiuser arranges the rest. The required amplifiers and sources are switched-on accordingly and both the screen and projector receive the command from Multiuser via KNX to descend from the ceiling smoothly. The light conditions are adapted to the individual needs and the blinds are closed automatically.

DimensionsSeries mounting case with 2 HP width

ca. 100 g

Power supply

External 12-24 V AC or 12-30 V DC

Power over Ethernet

Power consumption


KNX clip

LAN connector RJ45
Screw terminal for power supply
Indicating elements

Learn LED red

Display LED (green) for KNX

Display LED (green) for LAN

TemperatureOperation -5 .. +45 °C
DampnessRel. dampness (not condens.): 5%...93%
Electric safetyProtection class EN  60529: IP20
Safety extra low voltage SELV DC 29V



Product data base, group address templates for the ETS and technical documentation of the KNX Gateway (320kB)

15.08.16 Download

Manual Multiuser KNX Gateway 2.0.0

Manual for Multiuser KNX Gateway 2.0. (2MB)

15.08.16 Download

Manual Multiuser App Android 2.01

Manual for the Android App of the Multiuser System 2.0. (1MB)

15.08.16 Download

Manual Multiuser room amplifier 219 2.0.1

Manual for the Multiuser 219 amplifier 2.0. (2MB)

17.05.17 Download

Revox speakers brochure

Revox speakers brochure (2MB)

17.05.17 Download

Revox Joy brochure

Revox Joy brochure (1MB)

17.05.17 Download

Revox Multiuser brochure

Revox Multiuser brochure english. (2MB)

07.09.18 Download

Configuration manual switches

Switches for the Revox Multiuser System (8MB)

10.12.18 Download

Product data sheet

Product data sheet of the Revox Multiuser System (746kB)

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