Voxnet – One touch and a thousand possibilities.

The easy and intuitive one-button-operation of the Voxnet Multiuser System via the wall control unit is what makes Voxnet unique in the market. Each button can be adapted to your individual needs and labelled with your personal requests.
The sensitive amplifier inputs can feed different audio streaming services from your Smartphone or Tablet into the Voxnet world and also control them indirectly.

However, if you prefer to control the Voxnet system from a Voxnet App, Revox has a solution for this as well. Clearly arranged and extremely intuitive, the Voxnet App allows access to the different sources of the Voxnet Multiuser System including the integrated audio services such as Internet Radio or the Music Server. Well-arranged tiles show graphically what you really need.

A clearly structured display of users and rooms informs you of the current status of your Voxnet system at any time. Rooms with a green status icon are those being used and controlled by you. The red icon indicates the room is currently not being used.

With the blue icon, the App shows that the room is applied to another user. The additional information below the room even indicates who is using the room at any given moment.

Of course, the Voxnet App allows rights to be assigned for every user in the home according to sources and rooms. For example, Peter is able to access different rooms to his wife Sarah, and each user sees their favourites on top.

Thanks to the numerous universal triggers in the Voxnet system you can control external devices within a certain functional range. Just select the required source in the App – e.g. TV in the living room – and providing it has been correctly configured Voxnet switches on the TV in the background. It can even automatically switch to your favourite channel.

Voxnet provides comprehensive control possibilities in combination with outstanding audio quality, making it absolutely unique in the market.

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