This is how the future sounds

Voxnet is an Ethernet-based Multiuser/Multiroom system that makes it possible to experience music in the best CD quality and fully synchronised in several rooms at the same time. The operating concept is unique and patented. Each user experiences their own music, whenever and wherever they happen
to be in the house.

The number of the required Voxnet products is scalable: A Voxnet Server, running the various Voxnet services, is the centre of the Multiuser System. Each room requires one Voxnet 219 amplifier, which, once configured, is able to adopt numerous functions in the system autonomously.

This contributes not only to a high performance but also to a high operational reliability, since many functions are duplicated within the system offering redundancy. The Voxnet amplifier can be fitted with a Voxnet I/O module if additional sources need to be integrated into the Voxnet system. And last but not least, the Voxnet 218 wall control unit offers easy and intuitive operation in the design of the brands Gira or Feller.

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