In the field of Multiroom audio, Revox has been setting new milestones over and over for more than 30 years with superior sound, simple and intuitive operation and modular flexibility. We diligently continue this tradition of sustainable innovation with the new Multiuser System.

Personalised music reproduction

The Revox Multiuser System differs significantly from the conventional Multiroom System offering intelligent personalisation options for each user. All system users have their favourites, their individual selection of music and they can all take their music with them in full CD audio quality into various rooms at the same time.

Wide range of sound sources

The Multiuser System offers a range of solutions at home from sound in a single room up to a system for multiple users covering multiple rooms. The Multiuser System is suitable for use with numerous sources, including internet radio, music servers, audio streaming services and also the integration of TVs and CD players.

Outstanding audio quality

Our engineers accept no compromise when it comes to audio quality. The support of high-resolution audio formats, thus, is a matter of course for Revox. The Revox Multiuser System appeals through its absolutely synchronous music reproduction. And the already extraordinary output stage in the Revox amplifier offers additional options with the digital signal processor. Frequency responses are stored in the signal processor for all Revox speakers that ensure your Revox system can reflect the slightest nuance. Consequently, you will experience a piece of music in studio master quality, exactly how the sound engineer and the musicians recorded it.

User-based operating concept

The operating concept of the Revox Multiuser System is aligned towards you, the user of the system. Simply activate the Revox wall controller by pressing the button with your name and the last music you were listening to begins to play. If you want to select different music, you can use the wall control unit, the remote control or the app and take it with you throughout the entire house.

Easy KNX integration

The Revox KNX Gateway is an interface between the popular KNX bus and the Revox Multiuser System. Each room in a Multiuser System can be controlled by any number of KNX buttons.

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