As individual as life itself

Through our many years of experience, we have come to know and understand our customers' wishes. We don't just focus on individual products but on sustainable solutions, as we strive to offer them the optimum in listening experience. By exchanging ideas with both customers and engineers involved in the specification of equipment for exclusive architectural projects, we have been able to optimise our system in terms of flexibility and customisability. As a result, your specialist Revox partner will be able to design and tailor the Voxnet system quickly, to meet your exact requirements. And that is not just the case with Revox products. Audio & video products from many well-known manufacturers can be completely integrated into the Voxnet world.

You love music?

Preferably in the best audio quality and wherever you happen to be within your own home? Just imagine, irrespective of whether you prefer classical or pop, jazz or blues, you walk into your lounge and instead of switching on the radio or the CD player in the normal way, you just identify yourself with your name, because Voxnet already knows what your favourites are. Your music starts to play immediately at the volume level that you have defined. The music moves you and your thoughts turn to a glass of wine. You head towards the kitchen. So as not to miss out on the musical enjoyment as you move from room to room, you just confirm your name to Voxnet again through the wall-mounted unit. And now your music starts to play in the kitchen as well, in the best CD quality and perfectly synchronised to what is playing in the lounge. That's how simple and how fascinating the Voxnet audio world can be.

For the love of pure sound

When it comes to audio quality, the Revox engineers don't know the meaning of the word compromise. With the integrated digital signal processor, the Voxnet amplifier output, which itself is already outstanding, offers further fascinating possibilities. Frequency responses are stored for all Revox speakers that tease out every last nuance from your Revox system. And if you want even more, you can inform the amplifier of the position of the speakers so that the bass properties can be adjusted to best fit the way you have located them.

If your room should pose particular acoustic challenges, such as large areas of glass or an acoustic ceiling, your Revox specialist dealer can adjust the amplifier/speaker combination to achieve the best possible results. It goes without saying that high-definition audio formats can be processed in a Voxnet system. Experiencing a piece of music in studio master quality, exactly as the sound engineer and the musicians intended, is truly something very special.

The variety of Internet radio

The Internet Radio service in the Revox Multiuser System offers you simple access to the wide variety of radio stations available across the globe. You decide whether you want to enjoy jazz from New Orleans or to listen to the latest news from Sydney or from where you live. The selection is simply awesome.

The Revox Multiuser System helps you search. The Internet Radio service offers you many selection options from regional radio stations to recommendations, trends or high resolution radio stations. The “Search” function is particularly helpful. You just enter a few letters and straight away, you are shown a corresponding list of radio stations. As well as the huge selection, it is the speed at which the list is available that is so impressive.

And if you like a particular radio station such that you would want to listen to it regularly, simply tap and hold the time for two seconds and the station is copied to your personal Favourites list. Thanks to the patented multiuser approach, each user can manage their own list of Favourites.

The world at your feet – in hi-fi stereo.

It has never been so easy for music lovers to get their hands on an almost inexhaustible archive of music. Innumerable audio streaming services are offered through the Internet. Different service providers focus on different genres: blues, jazz or rock, with play lists and musical recommendations based on your own usage behaviour, in high-definition audio formats or optimised for mobile applications. The offering is almost infinite.

Mastering this huge diversity that is constantly changing as new providers come on line makes some big demands on a Multiroom system. Voxnet rises to this challenge by having integrated some of what the future may bring, today. Voxnet amplifiers have a fundamental modularity built in with their module slot. An interface for traditional audio inputs is provided by the Voxnet I/O module. The sensitivity level of these inputs is such that when an audio signal is detected, the amplifier automatically switches to that signal and you can enjoy your music immediately, without having to press any further buttons. This means that it makes no difference if today you want to listen to a music service that specialises in classical music and tomorrow, you choose to listen to one of your friends' playlists, from anther service provider. You just select your music in the corresponding service App and Voxnet starts to play.

And the system has no limitations when it comes to the method used to transmit the music. Whether it's AirPlay, or Bluetooth, iPhone or Android, Nexus or iPad, Voxnet understands them all. You stay flexible and if tomorrow, the market is turned on its head by the latest trend, Voxnet will still be there, laying out the whole world of music at your feet.

TV and video on demand

An evening with a blockbuster film or that cup game at the weekend on your home television, but with great sound from high-quality Revox speakers? No problem. But how's that going to work without needing a whole raft of remotes? The Voxnet system is designed so that it identifies immediately a television starts to run. The Voxnet amplifier then automatically switches over to the right audio input and starts to play. You have to do almost nothing, apart from turn the television on of course.

Alternatively, you can activate the television through the Revox wall-mounted controller. The Voxnet server registers the request that a television should be used in one room and sends the corresponding commands over the Ethernet network. Simple technical routines can also convert these control telegrams into infrared or RS232 commands so that effectively, any television can be integrated. It doesn't matter which make or model of television you prefer or already have.

And if you want to hear the sound on the patio or in the home office, this wish can also of course be fulfilled in the Voxnet world. Just confirm your name through the control unit in the desired area and straight away, you will hear the sound from your television in the best audio quality and perfectly synchronised with the sound in the room where the television is. So you won't miss a crucial penalty and you can also keep up with the news.

Just insert a CD and unwind

As great and as versatile as Internet radio and audio streaming services are, sometimes it's the simple things, like listening to a traditional audio CD that can give the greatest listening pleasure. You'll not be surprised to know that you only have to insert the CD of your choice in the Joy CD player to start enjoying your favourite sounds. But Revox has thought about intelligent control options as well. Of course you can use your remote. But another option is the wall-mounted unit that can also be used for sending the most important commands to the CD player. You can repeat your favourite passage or if there's a track that just doesn't match the mood, you can skip over it. Needless to say, the music from the CD can also accompany you as you move around the house. Just press the button with your name on it wherever you happen to be, and the music will start to play.

Fully integrated: Revox M100 and Revox M51

The modular Re:system M100 stereo amplifier and the Re:system M51 multi-channel amplifier have been exciting Revox users around the world for years. The awesome sound, the exuberant power reserves in the outputs of up to 200 watts per channel together with the modular concept, still provide a fascination for every fan of hi-fi. Naturally, these classic Revox products can be completely integrated into the Voxnet multi-user world. Take advantage of the powerful, outstanding and proven outputs of these two milestones in the history of Revox amplifiers to create the ultimate sound experience in your listening space or in your home cinema.

In addition, you can also use the Re:system M51 sources and feed their signals to the Voxnet amplifier. These sources can then be heard and controlled throughout the complete Voxnet system. And this is what we mean by sustainability in Revox's product development approach. Concepts that were developed over 15 years ago are still valid today and can be expanded in a modular way, going forward.

You own a Revox Multiroom System already?

When we at Revox are developing new products, we don't just have an eye on the future. We also strive to integrate earlier products so that our existing customers can benefit from the new products as well. For this reason, practically all Revox Multiroom Systems that have been installed in the last 30 years can, with very little effort and usually without any structural changes, be converted to the latest multi-user/Multiroom system on the market. In this way, numerous new functions can also be used with the earlier components of the Revox Multiroom world.


Create up to 4 timers for each room using the Revox Multiuser System App. Enter the start time, select the corresponding week day(s), your choice of music stream and the required volume.


If you are listening to music from the Favourites list or from the Music Server, as well as the track that is currently playing, you can also display a list of further entries from the Favourites or tracks from the server in the Play view. You can switch even more quickly to your favourite music from the View.

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