Revox Multiuser System

Superior Sound for Life

For 70 years, the Revox name has stood for audio products of the highest technical perfection. Even now, over 40 years on, the legendary Revox A77 tape recorder, introduced back in 1970, still represents a milestone for audiophile top quality. For more than 30 years, long before Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth became part of our everyday lives, Revox has been setting standards as one of the pioneers in the area of Multiroom.

From the first Multiroom B200 Controller right up to today's modular Multiroom M51 Controller, Revox's developments across the board stand out through their superior sound quality, their modular flexibility and their intuitive operating concept. Revox is continuing this tradition of sustainable innovation with the new Multiuser System. Through its exquisite sound and a patented, user-centric operating concept, the Multiuser System has raised the bar yet again, in the area of Multiroom audio systems.

The premier class multi-user system

There has been a whole range of technical innovations over the last years and the last decades in the area of audio/hi-fi that have impacted on miniaturisation, networking and the growth in functionality. Devices have become smaller and more versatile and have set new standards in mobility and availability that affect all areas of our lives. In terms of sound quality, people were often prepared to accept compromises. Right from the start however, we at Revox have adopted a different approach. Excellent sound has always been the "sine qua non" for us in respect to Multiroom and the indispensable quality criterion for every Revox product.

But now we are taking a significant further step. The Multiuser system offers a user-centric operating concept. Enter a room and select your name. Your own personal choice of music then follows you from room to room, whichever part of the house you are in. Your music is played in the rooms of your choosing, fully synchronised and in immaculate CD quality. Using the technological power of an Ethernet network, the Multiuser System offers a perfect mobile sound experience - the premier class multi-user system.


The Multiuser System is extremely flexible and can virtually be adapted to every customer preference. The most important applications of the Multiuser world are specified below.

Simply experience the music

Simply experience and enjoy the music. In one room or in a number of rooms. In the best CD quality and in user-centric, dynamically designable zones. Streaming options are unlimited due to the integration of Spotify, Deezer and Tidal. Operation is usually as simple as the press of a single button on a wall-mounted operating panel, through an App or a remote control.

Simply enjoy music from the Smartphone

The huge range of audio streaming services can be fed into the Multiuser system from any number of different devices. As a rule, just starting the App on an iPad or a Nexus tablet is enough to start the music playing through your Multiuser System. Working in the same way as the operation of the original audio streaming App makes day-to-day operation of the Multiuser System easy, whether you are out and about or relaxing at home.

TV and video-on-demand made easy, even in a hotel

TV and video-on-demand are two important requirements that feature highly on most wish lists. Any televisions can be integrated into the Revox Multiuser system intuitively. Operation can be done through the original remote control and the Multiuser System switches over automatically and if required, can send commands to the Gira or Feller home server.

Video from your iPad at the press of a button

It doesn't matter whether it's YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime, all these services run on an iPad or a Nexus. Using such products as Apple TV, Google Chromecast or even Amazon Fire TV, the films can easily be transferred to the television. The Multiuser System identifies what is going on and switches over automatically. And if you want, the Gira or Feller home server can also join in and control lighting and blinds.



The traditional CD, even in the modern world of streaming

Even in the face of all the modern media options, the traditional CD still plays an important role. Playing a CD couldn't be easier and also offers a significantly better audio quality than most audio streaming services. Simply started and then experienced in several rooms on demand, a CD can be an important factor in a Multiuser system.



The M series as a Multiuser component

Many customers own one of the best Revox amplifiers that was ever made, the Revox M100 for music in stereo quality or the Revox M51 for home cinema applications. These systems can also be integrated into theMultiuser world. Other Multiroom components like the wall-mounted operating panel can also continue to be used in the Multiuser System.



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