Revox Internet Radio
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Multimedia module & Revox Joy

For the Multiuser System, the Joy family and the M-series, Revox offers you the possibility to enjoy Internet Radio and browse through countless radio stations. In order to find your favourite radio station quickly and easily, Revox constantly maintains the databases.

However, it is possible that some stations may not be found in the internet radio database. Depending on the product series, you can forward the required station to us or insert the URL directly.

If you own a Revox Multiuser System, a Joy MKI from software 1.20 or a Joy MKII from software 2.3, please follow this link.

If you use a product from the Revox M-series with a Multimedia module, a Joy MKI with software lower than 1.20 or a Joy MKII with software 2.0, 2.1 or 2.2, please follow this link.

If you have problems with the above mentioned links or if you are not sure of the actual device, please get in touch with the Revox Support Team.



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