New generation of Revox Joy audio network receivers


A new generation of the Joy S119 and Joy S120 is now available. This new generation supports all the functions of the previous Joys and offers in addition a Bluetooth audio input as well as the control of the Joy CD player. Transfer your music from your Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth to the Joy. No matter which App the music is derived from, the Joy plays it back in standard SPC or as well in the more recent APT-X format.

Moreover, the full integration of the Joy CD player is an important add-on, as it provides feedback about the status of the CD playback both on the Joy remote control and on the Joy Apps.

In order to come up to the high demands for best possible music quality, Revox enables with the Joy MKII the playback of high resolution audio formats up to 192 kHz / 24 bit.

Experience music in a completely new dimension.

In respect to the large number of sources provided by the Joy S119/S120 - Internet Radio, Music Server, iPod, USB, Bluetooth, optional DAB/FM radio, the Joy CD player and especially the six classic inputs, it is important that the volume of the external sources can be levelled out in order to avoid volume jumps when switching sources. The Joy MKII was also upgraded with this function so that you can balance the input levels accordingly.

More details can be found here and at your specialised Revox retailer.

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