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Revox Multiuser System|New Clips

The Revox Multiuser System - Watching TV with best audio quality and with easy control. Klick here and watch our new Multiuser video clips. Experience the simple control and how easy you can integrate your TV into the Revox Multiuser System.


Revox Multiuser System 2.0

The Revox Multiuser System received a comprehensive software update: A new Music Server allows an even easier search and playback of music tracks. The control is effected over an even more intuitive user interface allowing to playback tracks flexibly and to add them to a playqueue. The introduction of a group volume function enables the unitary increase and decrease of the volume in all rooms of a user. On the Revox website customers have now the possibility to inform us about Internet radio stations that cannot be found in the search function. The Revox editors aim to add the stations to our database. In addition, the KNX Gateway and the App control received comprehensive improvements.


Revox Joy with integrated audio streaming service TIDAL

For the first time Revox provides an audio streaming service fully integrated in a Revox product. Revox decided in favour of the Tidal audio streaming service as it offers high resolution music files.In addition, the new Joy software version comes with a new internet radio service offering a number of advantages and allowing for the first time the browsing for stations by terms.The operation can be effected by the Joy S208 remote control, the S235 Android App and also by the S232 Apple App. The Revox S232 Apple App was completely revised and offers, beside the new functions, a considerably improved stability.Thanks to the update, the Joy network receiver can now also playback ALAC files up to 96 kHz.


Revox with Connected Comfort at Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

This year's Architecture Biennale in Venice in Palazzo Michele shows an installation that apparently modifies the room in its dimension and impression through circulating audiovisual effects. The creative idea and implementation comes from Ueberholz, the Agency for Temporary Architecture. Ueberholz integrated the smart technology from Connected Comfort, the alliance of leading premium brands for home technology. On the audio side, the Revox Multiuser System is integrated, combined with Revox G column speakers. The Biennale will be open until 27th November 2016 in Venice.


Software update Revox Multiuser System

Version 1.6 of the Revox Multiuser System has established a further development milestone. Internet Radio can be experienced in a completely new dimension in the Revox Multiuser System. It’s not just the wide selection of the global radio stations that will impress you but also the speed with which the stations are found. The update also delivers new versions of the Android and iOS Apps, which support browsing for stations. If you particularly like a radio station you can move it to your personal Favourites folder by tapping and holding the tile, which means that you can find even quicker next time. And each user can create their own favourites in the Multiuser System. Individually. Simply.


Invitation to Light & Building 2016 in Frankfurt/Germany

Revox invites you to Light & Building 2016, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology. Learn how easy Voxnet, the new Multiuser System from Revox, can be integrated into the KNX world and visit the Revox booth A11 from 13th to 18th March 2016 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.


Voxnet audio system becomes part of the KNX world

With the new KNX Gateway, the powerful Voxnet multi-user system from Revox becomes part of the primary building automation system. Voxnet impresses with its optimised audio quality and for the first time with a Multiroom streaming system, it offers the perfect synchronisation of CD-quality music being played in several rooms, along with user-centric operation. If the entertainment electronics are integrated in the KNX system, there's no end to the practical functions available to you: When you come home, the light goes on automatically and your favourite radio station starts to play. At the press of a button, the chill-out scene activates the subdued lighting in the bathroom and switches on the relaxing background music. And then when you leave the house, a press of a button...


Invitation to ISE 2016 in Amsterdam

Revox invites you to ISE 2016, the No.1 show for professional AV and electronic systems integration. Learn how easy Voxnet, the new Multiuser System from Revox, can be integrated into the KNX world and visit the Revox booth 7-N176 from 9th to 12th February 2016 im Amsterdam RAI. Admission on the door is 80 € but you can pre-register FREE at using this invitation code 705415

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