The M-series offers numerous little helpers that ease the control, operating steps and also the installation. In the following you will learn how these small supplements tailor your Multiroom System perfectly to your demands.

Re:connect iPod docking station

Revox offers the iPod Docking Station in quality aluminium for all those who want a secure and safe location for their iPod or iPhone. The docking station can be connected directly to the Multimedia Module or by using the iPod Extension Kit.


Re:connect iPod extension kit

By means of the iPod Extension Kit, consisting of a transmitter and a receiver, a distance of up to 100 m between the docking station and the multimedia module can be bridged.

This makes sense whenever the installation is located in a utility room in the basement, while the iPod is rather operated in the living quarters.


Re:connect M202 ethernet interface

The Re:connect M202 ethernet interface facilitates the control of the system using a PC or PDA and as a result, opens up additional comfortable and simple options to the user for controlling his Revox world. Using the M202, the Home servers from our partners Gira and Feller can also access the Revox system.


Re:connect M203 TV controller

Ensures the typical Revox “magic touch” in the video area. The Re:connect M203 RS232 interface can control selected televisions from other manufacturers, so that a particular video input can be selected at the television, based on the selected source in the main and/or the additional room. This interface is also available in a EIB/KNX version for integrating the Revox world into a building management system.


Re:connect M204 IR receiver

The Re:connect M204 IR is always used if the Re:system M51 or other Revox amplfiers have been concealed and the integrated IR receiver there is not accessible. The M204 can also be integrated in the additional rooms for the discrete reception of IR signals.


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