For a Revox Multiroom System numerous different components are at your disposal, so that you can compose your system together with your specialised retailer individually and suited to your needs.

Required are a Multiroom centre, audio sources for the centre, one amplifier per room, a control system per room and speakers for every room. The following line-up will help you to find the most suitable products in the comprehensive product range.

Multiroom controller

Re:system M10 - 19" rack controller

Through the established Revox modularity and the increased capacity for up to ten Re:source modules, the M10 is particularly suitable for extensive Multiroom solutions. The M10 with its modules and the complete cabling can be located centrally, e. g. in a utility room.

Compared to the other Revox Multiroom centres the M10 does not possess its own amplifier.

Re:system M51 - home cinema

The Revox system is based on a complete new concept in home entertainment. The idea: All audio and video components are controlled centrally from a single device, in this case the Re:system M51 source management.

The result: You experience a previously unknown level of clarity, control and operating comfort. Consistently and right down to the last detail, in the legendary studio quality that made the Revox name famous. Even the basic version of the M51, with its integrated 5 channel amplifier and DVD player, is ideally equipped for a perfect Home Cinema experience. The modular principle also applies to the amplifier. Depending on your requirements and personal preferences, the M51 can be supplied with an analogue output with 5 x 60 watts or with one of the best PWM-amplifiers in the industry, a particularly powerful 5 x 200 watt output.

Re:system M100 - High End audio

If you want to survive until tomorrow, you have to adapt to your environment today. The Re:system M100 follows this law of evolution to the letter. The base is a compact stereo system that has been reduced to the bare, but exquisite essentials. Outstanding design, a fascinating and intuitive operating concept and a specification straight out of the top drawer, with a high-end 2 x 200 watt amplifier, FM tuner and HD scalable DVD player. A system that achieves your dreams today. And if you dream of more tomorrow? Then it’s still right for you. The Re:system M100 grows with your dreams.


Numerous modules are available for the three M-Series Revox Multiroom controllers, which can, depending on the module type, be applied in the controllers singly or multiply. Thus, 4 FM radios can for example be integrated into an M10, so that several radio stations can be listened to in different listening zones.

You will find a small choice of modules in the following line-up. Details of all modules can be found in the main menu Audio Systems - modules for M51/M10 or modules for M100.

Re:source multimedia module

With the Re:source multimedia module, we have opened up completely new horizons for the Revox system. The newest addition to the Re:source product family enables you to seamlessly integrate Internet radio, iPod, USB sticks and network hard discs into the Multiroom System. In this way, content from these sources can also be easily selected through the Revox displays.

Re:source FM tuner module

The Re:source tuner module is designed to receive FM radio stations and is characterised by its excellent reception properties. Up to 50 stations can be stored in the memory in any order using their RDS identifier or an individually assigned name. By deploying up to four tuner modules in the Re:system M51 or M10, up to four different radio stations can be listened to simultaneously within a Revox Multiroom System.

Re:source I/O module

The Re:source in/output module offers four analogue audio inputs and one audio output. This enables external devices to be integrated tonally into the Revox system. If required, input 1 can simply and quickly be converted to allow a record player to be connected. All the inputs on this module can be given the name of the currently assigned source through the menu, e.g. Play Station or MP3 Player. Each input can be individually levelled out so that the volume level stays the same when switching between sources and doesn’t have to be adjusted.

Room amplifiers

Re:connect M219 room amplifier

Re:connect M219 room amplifiers are used for additional rooms within a Revox Multiroom system. With their powerful outputs, they can also provide sound for larger rooms without any problem. The M219 has three local inputs where other audio sources can be connected.

Re:system M100 multiroom slave

The M100 doesn’t just make a good impression as a controller unit but also as a high-end component within a large Multiroom System. With the addition of the optional Re:source slave module, the M100 can import up to a further 8 sources from the Revox Multiroom controller, alongside its own source. The small additional module can be installed in the basic unit as an option and straight away, the M100 can act in its new role as a side room amplifier, satisfying the highest audiophile demands.

Re:system M51 multiroom slave

The Re:source multiroom slave module is used where multichannel audio reproduction is needed for additional rooms. In this case, the M51 with Multiroom slave module operates as a multi-channel room amplifier with integrated DVD player. It is connected to the Multiroom Module in the central Re:system controller and imports the signals from there. Furthermore, the M51 with Multiroom slave module enables true Home Cinema surround sound, even in the additional room, through the integrated DVD player or a local SAT receiver.


Re:sound G series - glass speakers

Visually, the deep black, glass-fronted Re:sound G series prepares you perfectly for what you can expect acoustically from speakers of the G series. A crystal clear, authentic sound reproduction that is perfect right down to the last detail, with full, deep bass sounds, clearly defined mid-ranges and precise trebles. A fascinating sound experience that you can experience not only with the slim columns but also astonishingly with the small models from the range, the Mini and the Shelf.

Re:sound S series - sleek and fine

The Re:sound S series offers a comprehensive range of speakers for almost every application. From the small Cube speaker, which can be applied as stereo speaker or home cinema solution, up to a premium 3-way floor-standing speaker for high sound demands, the Re:sound S series covers an extremely wide range. Two active basses and a centre speaker offer solutions for the home cinema. All speakers are equipped with a high-class aluminium surface giving the speakers a classy and timeless design. The basses can optionally be supplied with a white surface.

Re:sound L series - finest sound in leather

From the beginning, our speakers have united the sensual experience of audiophile sound with the visual experience of the clear, contemporary language of shape. With the launch of our L series, we have moved a step further down this road. Our goal was to make real music not just audible and visible, but to make it actually tangible. The result is a unique sound object, a speaker that gives you the perfect sensual experience, to see it, to hear it and to feel it.

Re:sound I series - restrained for the eye

You also want to enjoy the first class sound of your Revox system in the kitchen, the bathroom or on the terrace without having to install additional speakers? With the Re:sound I series, we have created a speaker series that combines awesome sound with the greatest visual discretion because the speaker frame is invisible to all intents and purposes. The high quality sound converters can be integrated seamlessly into any room design and the sound impresses through its stunning presence and richness, in equal measure.


Re:control M217/M218 wall control units

One of the founding ideas on which the Revox world is based, is to be able to control the entertainment in the whole living area with one system. What would be more logical, than to integrate the operating units, like a light switch, in the individual rooms. Our wall-mounted control units give you the simple and intuitive operation of your system where you want and when you want even when your remote control doesn’t happen to be where you are at the moment.

Re:control M232/M235 apps

Are you so attached to your iPhone that you scarcely want to put it down? With the iPhone app from Revox, that is no problem. Re:control M232 app ensures that you can control the Revox World comfortably using the user interface that you are used to, through the display on your iPhone, including album covers in the Play view and album thumbnails in the List view. In addition, for the Android world Revox offers with the M235 app an intuitive graphical user interface for the Revox Multiroom series. 

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