Revox Multiroom

You choose the programme

Just imagine. Wherever you are in the house, you have complete control over the sound that accompanies you. You decide what you want to listen to. Whether you want to be informed, relaxed, entertained or just treated to musical enjoyment – your world of sound matches your mood and your whim. And if different people living in the house have different wishes, then each can enjoy their own individual tastes. Whether waking up to your favourite radio channel, relaxing to music in the bath, listening to the latest hits in the kids’ bedrooms or enjoying your Home Cinema in Dolby Surround, the Revox Multiroom System offers you a world of audiophile sound wherever you want it, whenever you want it.

Revox makes you the master of your entertainment.

Revox home cinema with Re:system M51 as  Multiroom center
Revox home cinema with Re:system M51 as Multiroom center
Re:system M100 white with Multimedia Module
Re:system M100 white with Multimedia Module

A system for all seasons

The heart and the control centre of the Revox Multiroom system is a Re:system M51, M100 or M10 source management. Using just one Re:system M51 source management in the main room, up to 32 rooms in 4 separate zones can be supplied with music. There is a wide range of convenient solutions available for the external control of the system – whether via remote control, wall-mounted control or PC, operation always follows the same intuitive and simple logic.
Usually, the press of a single button is enough and the system fulfils your wishes.

Open to all wishes

The modular construction of the system guarantees the perfect matching of all system components. Experience the outstanding sound quality of a CD in the main room with your M51. Or enjoy a spontaneous playlist from the Revox multimedia module in the bath. With the subtle wallmounted control units, your choice is made very easy. And when you want to change your selection? No problem. The Revox Multiroom system has been designed so consistently for sustainability that an enhancement or a module swap is possible at any time.

No compromise on sound

As a company with a global audio reputation, we don’t allow any compromises when it comes to the sound delivered by the Revox Multiroom system. In the Revox world, sound transmission is done exclusively in a balanced way, i. e. uncompressed, through solid, concealed cabling. Our Multimedia Module enables you to play back high resolution audio formats, which stand head and shoulders above CD quality. And our extensive range of excellent speakers in many different designs and performance levels make their contribution to guaranteeing a true Revox sound throughout the whole house.

The Multiroom principle

This illustration just shows the principle. There is practically no limit to the combination of possibilities. Multiroom central unit with M51 source management, music on a hard disc archive, e.g. NAS and complete Home Theatre in the living room (Zone 1). A small but quality stereo solution for the kitchen (zone 2). Audiophile stereo sound with simple access to the audio server in the office (zone 3) through a M100 slave. Discrete jazz music to relax to in the bathroom (zone 4). And as up to four rooms can be integrated in each zone, it is also possible to have a further Home Cinema configuration, for example, in the bedroom. Full surround sound is also possible here with an additional M51 in slave function. Or if you just want a pure stereo solution, an M219 room amplifier is enough.

Re:control M217/M218 Gira Esprit black
Re:control M217/M218 Gira Esprit black

Do it your way

One of the founding ideas on which the Revox world is based, is to be able to control the entertainment in the whole living area with one system. What would be more logical, than to integrate the operating units, like a light switch, in the individual rooms. Our wall-mounted control units give you the simple and intuitive operation of your system where you want and when you want. Even when your remote control doesn’t happen to be where you are at the moment.

M217: Know what is being played

Less is more. The Re:control M217 wall-mounted display offers you the simplest operating solution imaginable for your Revox system. The sleek, minimalist display offers three control functions with its four multifunction buttons. The display offers you immediate information about the currently selected music programme, e.g. what CD is being played or which radio channel has been selected. Using the Timer function, you can set a stylish wake-up call with your
Revox system. And last but by no means least, you can make your selection from your music server (NAS) through the Re:control M217.

M218: Full control at the press of a button

The Re:control M218 has a discreet but sophisticated appearance. Source selection, volume control, track selection and the power off function are all included in the basic function options. Through its integrated infrared receiver, the Re:control M218 can receive the signals from a Revox remote control and transmit them on to the system. The blue LED control light confirms your commands each time a signal is received via direct input or from a remote control. In combination with the M217, the M218 makes up a highly functional operating unit, to easily manage all the significant features of your Revox system.

Design: You have the choice

Thanks to the variable design concepts, the Revox wallmounted units can be integrated perfectly into the design of your living area. Together with our partners Gira (Europe) and Feller (Switzerland), we have been able to make the M217 and M218 wall-mounted control units available in the same design as a number of attractive light-switch ranges. In terms of colours, shape and materials, there are practically no limits to your creative room design ideas.

Re:connect M219 room amplifier
Re:connect M219 room amplifier

Re:connect M219 room amplifier

Re:connect M219 room amplifiers are used for additional rooms within a Revox Multiroom system. With their powerful outputs, they can also provide sound for larger rooms without any problem. The M219 has three local inputs where other audio sources can be connected.

Moreover, the M219 room amplifier possesses a trigger input, which allows  the amplifier to be switched on by means of a 5-24V DC voltage from external devices. On demand, the trigger input can also be produced as trigger output in order to switch external devices subject to the on-state of the M219.

Optionally the M219 is also available  with an adapted frequency response for the invisible in-wall speakers in the versions E20, E40 and E80, so that an ideal sound pattern can be generated with the combination of amplifier and speakers.

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