Re:sound I series

The installation speaker for almost every deployment

Revox offers an extensive range of installation and build-in speakers. All speakers bear witness to the fact that Revox has addressed the installation requirements while at the same time keeping their eye on the sound aspect. Music should always be the central experience for Revox and its customers

There is an extensive range of accessories available for all speakers including build-in housings, installation aids and particularly for the invisible speakers, many other small aids that facilitate quick and reliable installation. This factor is also important to Revox as the installation time indirectly becomes part of the price of the speaker.

Revox build-in speakers
Revox build-in speakers

Build-in speakers

Under the names Re:sound I inceiling and Re:sound I inwall, Revox offers a small but prestigious range of build-in speakers. As compared to the competition, they are characterised by an outstandingly good sound in their price class and impress through their sleek design with its minimalist frame.

The designations "Inceiling" and "Inwall" should be seen rather as being conventional because traditionally, round speakers are often installed in ceilings and square speakers in walls.

Both technically and acoustically however, there is a free choice with the build-in speakers. You as the customer decide whether the speaker will be round or square and where you want to have it installed.

Your Revox specialist dealer will be happy to help you plan where the best place is to install these speakers in the ceiling or the wall, in order to get the best possible sound. Revox provides support based on experience gained over more than 40 years.

Re:sound I outdoor 80
Re:sound I outdoor 80

Outdoor speakers

You shall have music wherever you go. What can be more pleasant than relaxing in your garden or on the patio while your favourite music is playing in the background.

As you always have to think both of the neighbours and the environment when you are outdoors, a further strength of the Revox speakers plays an important role. The low volume behaviour of all Revox speakers, that is to say the acoustic properties of the sound even at low volumes, has long been rated as being excellent.

All Revox installation speakers are suitable for deployment outdoors. The Re:sound I outdoor 80 was however specially developed for this purpose, and even when installed in a weather-facing position, can resist all that Mother Nature has to offer over many years.

Re:sound I invisible
Re:sound I invisible

Invisible speakers

Completely invisible speakers are being deployed in current projects for any number of reasons. Whether it's a question of maximising the space in a living room, or seeking to focus attention on what is really important in galleries or where the installation is being done in an area subject to vandalism that leads to a requirement for concealing the valuable speaker, these are just a handful of the reasons why these innovative speakers are being used.

Acoustically, you just have to hear and experience these speakers. Of course, they cannot be compared with a sophisticated 3-way column speaker but the sound experience is nevertheless amazing and manages to surprise customers time and again.

With the Re:sound I invisible range, Revox offers a comprehensive programme of speakers and accessories, tailored exactly to your requirements, They can even be installed in cool walls or acoustic ceilings if Revox is included early enough in the planning phase.

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