I speaker series - Wherever sound counts

Revox offers an extensive range of installation and build-in speakers. All speakers bear witness to the fact that Revox has addressed the installation requirements while at the same time keeping their eye on the sound aspect. Music should always be the central experience for Revox and its customers.

Invisible speakers

The innovative, millimetre-thick flat loudspeakers are installed completely hidden below the plaster, paint or wallpaper, turning your wall or ceiling into invisible sources of sound. It‘s an uncanny listening experience: the soundboards were developed specifically for this purpose to provide a flat emission. This makes the harmonious sound equally enjoyable from anywhere in the room, regardless of where the listener is.

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Build-in speakers

With the Revox Build-in speakers, we’ve designed a series which combines amazing sound and the greatest optic discretion, because the speaker frame is practically invisible to the eye. These premium audio transducers fit seamlessly into any room décor and surprise the listener with both their sound as well as their remarkable presence and fullness.

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Outdoor speaker

You can enjoy the right music in the right quality and the right place with our Outdoor I80 speakers. These splashproof loudspeakers were designed particularly for the special requirements of outdoor use, making them the ideal source of sound for your balcony, patio or lawn.

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