Revox Piccolo S60

At only 140 mm each side, the size of the Piccolo S60 is no measure of its fantastic sound. The powerful bass re-flex system provides strong bass response.
Use the optional ball-joint wall fixture to mount the Pic-colo S60 simply and elegantly to your wall and adjust it as needed.

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Technical data

Power rating60 Watt
Music power handling capacity100 Watt
Impedance4 Ohm
Frequency response65 Hz - 20 kHz
Efficiency (2.83V/1m)89 dB
Woofer/Midrange1 x 116 mm aluminium
Tweeter1 x 14 mm, syncaxial
H 140 x W 140 x D 140 mm (158 mm with terminals)
Weight2,1 kg


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Product data sheet

Product data sheet of the Piccolo S60 speaker (627kB)

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Revox Multiuser brochure

Revox Multiuser brochure english. (2MB)

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Revox Joy brochure

Revox Joy brochure (1MB)

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Revox speakers brochure

Revox speakers brochure (2MB)


User manual S piccolo speaker (320kB)

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Piccolo S60 White
Piccolo S60 White
Piccolo S60 Black
Piccolo S60 Black
Wall bracket
Wall bracket