Re:sound S series - Diversity through combination

S Aktiv Bass
S Aktiv Bass

The central thought behind the development of the Re:sound S series was to create a comprehensive speaker system where solutions for complete living areas and listening requirements could be achieved, by the ability to freely combine the individual models. The Re:sound S series offers an almost  inexhaustible spectrum of options, from the smallest stereo solution for the  kitchen or the office, right up to the powerful 5:1 Home Cinema system. With its simple yet elegant quadratic shape, its black lacquered grille and brushed  aluminium surface, the S series speaks a classic-contemporary language of shape, which allows it to be integrated to great effect, in a range of different design styles.


Creating an authentic, space-filling sound that touches the emotions is a must for Revox. When it came to the Re:sound S series, the Revox specialists and sound engineers were also intent on focussing on this passion for music.

All the speaker chassis were developed especially for the requirements of the Re:sound series, in order to achieve the goal of delivering the best sound experience at all volume levels.

Design and material

The S series stands out through its simple design. Straight lines, a clear, timeless language of shape and a brushed aluminium finish are the accents set by the S series. Acting as a point of contrast, the Revox designers have deployed the round grilles that protect all speakers against unwelcome or unintentional contact.

The overall appearance is rounded off in the case of the standing speakers by their high quality glass feet and with the Re:sound S active bass 04, by their high quality chrome spikes.

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