Revox Speakers - True studio sound quality.

The Revox name has stood for audio products of the greatest technical innovation for 70 years. We have a long tradition of music reproduction in perfect quality and this is reflected in our way of speaker development. Our engineers tune every parameter with the unwavering aim of coming as close as possible to the original piece of music. Only once every detail fits do you have a speaker with authentic reproduction and appealing sound which makes listening to music a true pleasure. 

The Revox speaker series

True studio sound quality – perfectly adjusted for each custom system.

Scala 120
The appeal of the Scala S120 lies not only in its look, but its acoustics as well. This 2.5-way bass reflex speaker system wins over even the most demanding music lovers with its consummate music enjoyment for relaxing and inspiring moments at home.

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G Series
A clear sound reproduction which is authentic to the tiniest detail, with profound bass tones, clearly defined midrange pitch and precise high notes – an absolutely fascinating audio experience.

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S Series
The S Series is characterized by an extremely sleek design. Straight lines and a clear, timeless language are the accents set with the S series.

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I Series
Would you also like to enjoy first-class sound from your Revox system in the kitchen, the bathroom or on your patio without setting up additional speakers? Revox offers a broad range of speakers for this purpose that can be easily installed into the wall or ceiling.

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The perfect collaboration 

The way the amplifier and speaker work together is critical to achieving the best possible sound. The Revox amplifier and the Revox speaker work together like a well-oiled machine. Thanks to the state-of-the-art DSP technology, they are coordinated in a way which eliminates the typical weaknesses of passive speakers.

Moreover, the amplifier can account for the location of the speakers connected to it and the acoustics of the room, so that listening to music in that space becomes an unforgettable audio experience. 

The high development standards are carried through to production in our factory. Each speaker and amplifier we produce undergoes comprehensive quality testing. In addition to frequency response, we measure the impedance response, the distortion factor and the polarity of the entire speaker. A Revox speaker won’t be shipped out until the results of these tests match the strict development requirements.

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