Competence in sound.
Revox speakers
For over 40 years.

Bass-midrange of the Re:sound L 34
Bass-midrange of the Re:sound L 34

Making music an experience

Revox has been developing speaker systems that deliver extraordinary sound experiences for over 40 years. And the goal has always been to get as close to the original as possible. To start with we look at the system as a whole and then we break it down into the details: The speaker chassis, the shape and capacity of the housings and the configuration of the crossover network are matched perfectly to each other. It is only by doing it this way that a speaker can be created that delivers an authentic reproduction, produces an impressive sound and makes listening to music an unbeatable sensual experience.

Frequency separating filter
Frequency separating filter

Audible competence

Our experts who develop speakers at Revox know all the parameters when it comes to the optimum design of a speaker as well as a musician knows his instrument. Right from the start, Revox has followed a path of continuous development and over the years, has built up an outstanding level of competence. A particular feature of all Revox speakers is the consistent drive to achieve the maximum possible linearity over the whole system. This is only possible if all the speaker chassis involved are optimised for each application, in respect to their physical properties. Just as important is the scrupulous attention to detail given to the crossover network, just as with a Swiss watch.

Detail of a Revox speaker chassis
Detail of a Revox speaker chassis

From concept to fine tuning

Once the concept has been established, we then invest a lot of time in the details. Our developers match the speaker chassis exactly to the specific requirements. Then the different filter topologies are defined and simulated on a computer, until homogeneous emission characteristics are achieved in both the horizontal and vertical direction. Following this, the network crossover is constructed using selected components, which in some cases are specially created and sized for Revox. The speaker prototype is then measured and further optimised in the anechoic room at our facility in Villingen. Because finally, only a speaker that returns convincing measurement data can also sound good. In the last stage of the process, developers and musicians at Revox carry out the fine-tuning. Through innumerable listening tests, they perfect the sound behaviour of the speaker so that the music reproduction through your system becomes an incomparable listening experience.

Scala 120 silver/black with high-quality glass foot
Scala 120 silver/black with high-quality glass foot

The Revox speaker series

You will find a love of detail and a resulting excellent sound experience in all Revox speaker series. Every speaker from every range is sure to impress because starting from an already high level of performance, it will have been optimised and developed even further

Scala 120
Our experience, garnered over more than 40 years of developing and producing speakers has all flowed into the newest addition to our speaker family, the Scala 120. The new Scala 120 stands out through a completely new design that presented our production processes with a significant challenge as well as through an exceptionally fine sound.

Re:sound G series
The G series speakers are matched perfectly to the M100 and the Revox Joy products Acoustically an experience - optically a joy to behold.

Re:sound S series
The design of the S series has been part of our brand for almost 20 years, with its simple, aluminium finish. An uncluttered, straight-line design with an honest, non-imposing sound

Re:sound I series
Installation requirements are many and varied. With the Re:sound I series, Revox has not only achieved new dimensions in musical reproduction for build-in speakers. It has also created solutions that allow the speakers to have as discrete an appearance as possible.



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