Simply beautiful.
Revox Joy Audio Network Receiver
Beautifully simple.

Revox Joy S118 completely black
Revox Joy S118 completely black

Awesome audio quality

For many decades now, Revox has developed excellent sound quality outputs for its amplifiers. And Revox has also remained true to this tradition with the Revox Joy products.

The Revox Joy S118 stereo reproduction offers a 2 x 25 watt sinus. The fully integrated output, in pulse width modulation technology, enables reproduction of the highest level that is clear and transparent and also powerful in the bass range.

A further feature is that the Revox Joy products can adjust the current Revox speakers perfectly to the amplifier. Fine adjustments to the speaker frequency response ensure musical enjoyment that is even more precise and at the same time, softer.

In addition, the positioning of the Revox speakers within the room can be entered, in order to optimise the bass properties. This prevents unwelcome resonance in the bass range caused by the speakers being placed close to a wall or in a corner.

Revox Joy S118 with G mini speakers
Revox Joy S118 with G mini speakers

The world as a guest in your home

The Revox Joy gives you easy access to a wide range of digital content from your home network and from the Internet.

Experience music and podcasts from around the world through the Integrated Internet radio. More than 12,000 radio stations and over 2,000,000 podcasts that are updated and extended daily are just a few button-presses away. You can configure your personal Internet radio and podcast favourites on the S208 remote control or on the Revox website under Online Services to match your own particular requirements.

You can stream your music from external storage over the Ethernet network, in conjunction with DLNA and UPnP AV compatible servers. It doesn't matter whether these are located on a NAS or some other storage, so long as a corresponding UPnP AV service is installed.

The USB connection is principally used for connecting mobile music players such as an iPod, iPhone or iPad to the Revox Joy. The Revox range includes a suitable docking station for iPod and iPhone products. Of course, you can also connect a USB stick containing your favourite music and enjoy that with the Revox Joy.

Music files can be streamed over the LAN or WLAN connection. Revox strongly recommends the use of the LAN connection because it always offers greater stability than a WLAN connection.

Connections S118
Connections S118

Connection options Revox Joy

As well as the top-class streaming option with LAN, WLAN and USB,
the Revox Joy S118 offers two additional digital audio inputs.

The Revox Joy S118 comes with one optical and one coaxial digital input for traditional audio sources.

Play view of the iPhone App
Play view of the iPhone App

Simplest operation of the Joy products

Revox offers two solutions for the operation of Revox Joy products:

The most convenient and the easiest option is to use the Revox Joy S208 remote control. Operating the system and selecting music is simplicity itself, thanks to the informative colour display and the classical buttons on the remote control.

Alternatively Revox offers an iPhone/iPad and Android App alongside the remote control, which can be used to select the multimedia streaming content. As well the configuration of the Joy devices can be effected by means of the different Apps. And in order to have your Joy under control, only one App can access one Joy device at once.

For all Joy devices Revox offers the so-called Playqueue. Store the titles that you want to listen to into this Playqueue while browsing, without starting these titles immediately.

The Playqueue can be compared to a Jukebox function, allowing the creation of a long list of your favourite titles. You can store these lists on your Smartphone/Tablet and play them back at other times or even with other Joy products in your network.

Revox Joy power amplifier
Revox Joy power amplifier
Heat conduction
Heat conduction

The internal values of the Revox Joy

The Revox Joy doesn't just stand out as a result of its timeless design and the high-quality materials used to build it. Only the best was good enough for what goes on inside as well.

The fully integrated output, in pulse width modulation technology, is amongst the best to be found on the market. Large cooling elements are not needed with this technology because the PWM technology has an efficiency factor of over 90%. Music lovers can hear and experience the result of this intensive development work, every time they listen to their Revox Joy.

A solid toroidal transformer has sufficient reserves available to deliver high-volume musical enjoyment and makes a significant contribution to the good sound of the Revox Joy. Revox has integrated a power supply unit that takes the power consumption right down to 0.5 watts in standby mode. Good for the environment and good for your energy costs.

Exclusively high-quality components have also been used for the streaming function. Revox can ensure a long component working life by the use of sophisticated heat dissipation within the powerful streaming function.

The sophisticated assembly work that went into the audio inputs has a particular significance for the Revox Joy. All signals are cleanly routed, in order to have the least possible interferences throughout the complete system and to achieve the best possible audio quality.

Several rooms

If several Revox Joy products are used in one house, these can be controlled with a single S208 remote control if required.

The maximum number of devices that can be controlled by one remote control is limited to 24. This number is made up of a number of wireless, radio-signal sources (Revox Joy products) and infrared sources.

In total, up to 24 devices can be programmed per remote control. The total number of Revox Joy products and IR devices is limited to 24. If, for example, four Revox Joy products are operated through one remote control, up to a further 20 IR devices can also be added.

Eight zones (rooms) can be created per remote control. Up to 4 devices can be assigned to each zone through hotkeys. This comfort function allows the most important devices in a room to be reached through one display.

A maximum of six remote controls can be paired with one Revox Joy product. If further remote controls are paired with the Revox Joy, the "oldest" remote control is dropped from the list.

Alarm clock with start time
Alarm clock with start time
Sleep timer
Sleep timer

The little helpers

Revox offers many small but important and useful features within the Revox Joy range of functions.

Two alarm clocks can be set up to meet your individual requirements, e.g. one for working days and one for a later time, to give you a bit of a lie-in at the weekends. You can define the source and the required volume for each of the alarm settings.

Using a Sleep function, the Revox Joy can be switched off at night after a preset time, allowing you to fall gently to sleep to the sound of your favourite music.

Revox has even thought about power-napping and has integrated a timer option. This can be set to switch the system on after periods of up to 60 minutes.

Your favourite music always under your control

You can access your individual favourites through the "My music" option. These can be a radio station, an album, a playlist or even individual pieces of music.

You can configure up to 18 entries. Revox recommends using sources for this quick-access list that are always available in the network. Sources that change their content dynamically, like an iPod for instance, are not best suited for this function.

Revox also offers access to the last entries that have been listened to, for each music source. This list contains ten entries. Under Internet radio, you find the last ten stations that were listened to and under Music server, the last ten tracks to have been selected.

Both these functions add to the enjoyment during navigation, because you always have quick access to your favourite music.

Technical data

H 88 mm, W 200 mm, D 212 mm*
*with WLAN antenna. Please add 30-40 mm for plugs and cables.
Weight 2,0 kg
Power consumption max. 80 W
Normal operation 5,5 W
Quickstart 4,5 W
Standby < 0,6 W
Temperature range +10 ... 40 °C
Output performance 2 x 25 W RMS
2 x 25 W impulse power
Damping factor 20 at 1 kHz and 8 Ohm
Harmonic distortion 0,05 % at 1 W and 4 Ohm
Digital inputs 1 optical, 1 coaxial, 16, 20, 24 bit PCM,
SPDIFF to 96 kHz
Audio formats ALAC, AAC, AIFF, FLAC, MP3 (cbr + vbr), OGG-Vorbis, WAV, WMA
Playlist formats M3U, PLS
Supported Media servers UpnP AV 1.1 & DLNA-compatible servers
Gapless audio ALAC, MP3 and AAC (require Gapless Tags)

FAQ - Häufig gestellte Fragen

Troubleshooting WLAN connection issues (Device does not log in, music dropouts, etc.)

Trying out several locations for the positioning is only one measure when it comes to poor WLAN reception of the Revox Joy device. As a rule, the signal strength is better the closer the Joy device is placed to the Wireless Access Point, generally the WLAN router. The lower the signal strength, the lower the data rate, which may lead to login problems or audio dropouts when listening to internet radio stations.

In this case, we recommend changing the position of the antenna by means of an adapter (Revox order number: 54230201).

There are also WLAN antennas with a higher reception (9dbi, 12dbi). However, these antennas need to be aligned since they provide a directivity pattern. Misalignment may lead to even worse reception.

Using a WLAN repeater with LAN connection may also be helpful. If you can achieve a stable WLAN connection to the router, the Joy device can be implemented into the network via LAN cable.

Can I listen to music synchronously in different room with several Joy products?

The Joy was not developed for a multiroom solution with synchronous music over a network. For this purpose you can find excellent solutions in the range of the Revox M-series.

However, there is an approach within the Joy range to listen to music synchronously from two or more rooms. Use the digital output of your output device and connect this output with a digital input of a further Joy device. If required, you can arrange this loop-through as well with several Joy devices. Please note for this purpose that only the S119 and the S120 provide a digital output. The last device in such a cabling can also be a S118 or a Joy Symphony.

How can I operate a headset with the Joy network receiver?

You can connect a headset by using a "chinch to phono" adapter to the pre-out of the Joy network receiver.

If you want to operate speakers with the Joy permanently, it is possible to operate the headset at the same time, however, the speakers will run as well. In a future software version the Mute button will effect that the speaker outputs are muted, but the Pre Out is still activated.

Which audio formats can be played back by the Revox Joy network receiver?

The Revox Joy can play back most of the established audio formats. A current list with formats can always be found in the latest user manual on this website or under Technical Data. The most important formats like WAV, AIFF, FLAC, AAC, MP3, WMA and OGG Vorbis are supported in either case.

I already possess speakers of another brand and would like to connect them to the Joy. However, the Joy network receiver offers only the Revox speaker range for selection. Will my speakers sound good with the Joy amplifier?

All Joy network receivers, especially the S119 and S120, are amplifiers with an outstanding sound. The pulse-width-modulation functionality, which Revox has been implementing for years, allows an excellent sound quality - not only in connection with Revox speakers but as well with almost all reliable speakers in the market.

However, every passive speaker has, based on some key data such as housing dimensions and geometry,  speaker chassis and calibration of the frequency separating filter, a certain deviation from the theoretically ideal frequency response. As we are perfectly aware of these deviations of the Revox speakers from development and fabrication, we are able to rectify these deviations by means of the digital signal processor (DSP), which is integrated in all Joy network receivers, and thus improve the sound characteristics even further.

This means for your audio chain as a final result that the sound quality can be set up ideally when using Revox speakers and a Revox Joy network receiver with integrated DSP, while a speaker of another brand sounds also good - with neutral DSP settings - with a Joy device.

If you are still in doubt, just ask your specialised dealer to demonstrate this function. You will be surprised how brilliant a Revox chain sounds.

Is it possible to integrate the Revox Joy into an intelligent building control?

In connection with the S208 remote control, Revox offers an IR/KNX converter, which is able to send up to 8 commands to a KNX system in order to control light or shutters or to activate a complete scene in the KNX building technology. If you require more integration into a building management system, you will find detailed information in the range of the Revox M-series, where Revox developed many solutions in cooperation with the company GIRA.

Though I can see the information on interpreter, album and title of my music files, the cover is not displayed. What are the possible reasons?

For this, a short excursion into the metadata basics is necessary. According to the internet database and the final audio format, the metadata and also the cover data are stored differently. While WAV files often conduct the metadata from the folder system and certain paths for the cover, MP3 and FLAC files offer the possibility to write these data as well into the file and are thus available even if single titles are taken to the car on a USB stick. This means that the correct display of cover and metadata is in the first instance owed to the   internet data base or the personal data management.


On a UpnP/DLNA server the server assumes the evaluation of the metadata and places them at the Joy's disposal. Depending on the UPnP service, the data are edited better or worse. We experienced that most UPnP services work quite well. In the long run, a service with costs will generally offer more features, since the provider has the chance to refine and enhance his service.


As a second step, set up your UPnP server in a way that the data can be well-edited. Music files can also be stored on a simple storage medium that does not provide any services and therefore only offers a file structure. In this case we recommend to deposit the metadata within the file in order to display them properly. Due to the system's characteristics, covers   on a USB stick can only be illustrated by means of the remote control, not with the Apps.

I would like to control my Joy with several Smartphones/Tablets. However, the App shows a message that another device is controlling my Joy. What do I have to consider?

Revox developed the Joy in a way that only one App is able to access the Revox Joy at once in order to finish the commands of a user reliably. Therefore, Revox installed a mechanism ensuring that only one App can take on the control. To avoid that this mechanism leads to a dead-end, the Joy checks permanently whether a connected App really tries to access and releases the access again after a while - generally after 20 seconds at most. This means that these messages are intended and conduce mainly to the stable control of the system.

How can I arrange a software update on a Joy network receiver?

A software update can be activated via the S208 remote control or one of the Revox Joy Apps. In the Update menu you can choose whether the software update shall be effected via internet or the local USB connection. If the Joy is connected to the internet via WLAN, we highly recommend to download the update from our website, to copy it onto a USB stick and install it locally and not to arrange it by means of the internet option, in particular, if the WLAN connection is not constantly stable.

The software update option can be found in the remote control under setting, basic settings and software.



I would like to use Air Play. However, this function is not integrated in the Joy. How can I still transfer data from my Apple device to the Joy?

Connect an Airport Express or a Apple TV to one of the numerous audio inputs of the Joy. Rename the corresponding Joy audio input to e.g. "Apple" or "Apple TV". After having selected the local input you can transfer the data to the Airport Express or Apple TV.

I use an audio streaming service and would like to playback this service on the Revox Joy. Which options do I have?

The high number of audio streaming services in the market makes it impossible to integrate all services into one hardware. For this reason, Revox decided not to integrate a special service constantly, but to give you, as our customers, freedom of choice, whether to use a audio streaming service having its strengths in the classic music or to prefer another service focusing rather on pop and rock music.

Common tools, which can be acquired for relatively little money, allow to transfer music of audio streaming services from a Smartphone or tablet. The most flexible tool is the Bluetooth interface, which works for almost all Smartphone and tablets of the more modern development. Connect a Bluetooth interface to one of the Joy audio inputs and link your device up with the Bluetooth audio adapter. If required, you can rename the input of the Joy to "Bluetooth" or to the name of your favourite service. In order to transfer the music, redirect the headset output in your Smartphone or tablet to the Bluetooth device.

But as well other products such as Airport Express or Apple TV offer good solutions in this matter. However, they are limited to certain products like iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Another advantage of this junction is the application of the user interface of the audio streaming service itself and not having to familiarise with another operating structure.


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Revox Multiuser brochure

Revox Multiuser brochure english. (2MB)

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Revox Joy brochure

Revox Joy brochure (1MB)

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Revox speakers brochure

Revox speakers brochure (2MB)

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Firmware S118 V1.22

Firmware of S118 Version 1.22 with Airable/Tidal (4MB)

14.07.16 Download

Manual V1.20

Manual of the Revox Joy S118 audio network receiver V1.20 with Airable/Tidal (4MB)

14.07.16 Download

Firmware S118 V1.11

Firmware of S118 Version 1.11 with vTuner (4MB)

10.12.14 Download

User manual

User manual of the Revox Joy S118 audio network receiver (4MB)

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Slideshow - Joy network receiver S118

Joy S118 network receiver silver
Joy S118 network receiver silver
Joy S118 network receiver white
Joy S118 network receiver white
Joy S118 network receiver black
Joy S118 network receiver black
Joy S118 front view completely black
Joy S118 front view completely black
Joy S118 front view white
Joy S118 front view white
Joy S118 rear view with WiFi
Joy S118 rear view with WiFi
Joy S118 with G elegance
Joy S118 with G elegance
Joy S118 with G mini
Joy S118 with G mini
Joy S118 with G elegance
Joy S118 with G elegance
Joy S118 with G mini
Joy S118 with G mini
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