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iPod docking station



Joy iPod dock
Joy iPod dock

Docking with Revox

Perfectly matched to the Revox Joy: The secure location for your iPhone or iPod with the optional docking station. The docking station is connected directly to the Joy through a USB interface. Needless to say, while in the docking station, your Apple products are also charged up. Even if your Joy is in StandBy, your iPhone will be charged the next morning.

The docking station is connected directly to the USB input of a Joy network receiver by USB. Its measurements correspond to those of the S208 (remote control) docking station.

While your iPhone or your iPod touch is charged, you can of course access the music content of your iPod, which can be selected through the remote control or an App.

Apple products with lightning connector can be connected directly via the Apple USB cable to the Revox Joy.

Technical data

Dimensions H 25 x W 80 x D 125 mm
Weight 200 g

USB cable
Black iPod universal adapter

FAQ - Häufig gestellte Fragen

I have an iPod docking station for the Joy, however, I would like to connect my new iPhone with Lightning jack to the Joy.

In the accessory segment there are adapters from e.g. Ruark, which fixes the Apple adapter 30pol to Lighting in the docking station and holds up the iPhone backwards at the same time.

Matching products

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Joy iPod docking station
Joy iPod docking station
Joy S118 with G elegance
Joy S118 with G elegance
Joy S120 with G prestige
Joy S120 with G prestige
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