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Revox Joy DAB+/FM module
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DAB plus radio
DAB plus radio
FM radio
FM radio

Access the whole world from your home

With the Revox Joy DAB+/FM module, Revox offers both Internet radio and classic DAB+ and FM radio programmes. The combined module is built into the Revox Joy audio network receiver S119 and S120 or it can be retrofitted to an existing Revox Joy device. When it comes to the S118 and Symphony it can be built in optionally.


In addition to Internet Radio, you can create individual station lists and assign these to the three radios, using the two integrable receiver modules. You can choose to create and use the lists through the remote control or using the Apps. In addition to this, your personal favourite stations can be saved to the My Music
list and accessed very quickly, for example through the wake-up function. The Play View tells you what radio format you are currently using.

If the station offers this service, this view also gives you moreinformation about the station, such as its name, radio text and frequency.

DAB / FM switch
DAB / FM switch

DAB / FM switch

The combined DAB / FM radio module allows you to use both radio formats. Generally, most users apply only one of the classic radio sources and are therefore able to connect the aerial cable directly to the Joy aerial socket, irrespective of whether it is for an FM or a DAB signal.

However, it is of course possible to use both radio sources together. The easiest way is to use the optional DAB / FM switch directly on the Revox Joy device, provided that the signals are not already merged on the antenna installation.

Connect the cables coming from the aerials to the provided inputs. The output signal will then be led directly to the Revox Joy DAB / FM aerial input, either directly or by means of an antenna cable with F-connectors.

Technical data

FM-Part / Tuner-Modul³
Frequency range 87,5-108,0 MHz
Signal to noise ratio (stereo) >44 dB (25 dBµV / 1 kHz)
>46 dB (42 dBµV / 1 kHz)
>54 dB (65 dBµV / 1 kHz)
THD+N <0,35 % (65 dBµV / 1 kHz)
crosstalk >37 dB (65 dBµV / 1 kHz)
Frequency range 174,0-230,0
THD+N <0,006 % (65 dBµV / 1 kHz)
crosstalk >90 dB (65 dBµV / 1 kHz)

FAQ - Häufig gestellte Fragen

I would like to use both DAB and FM with my Joy DAB/FM module, however, I can only find one antenna input.

Either both signals can be fed into an antenna installation and led by a cable to the DAB/FM module from there or the optional Revox DAB/FM switch can be applied. Please find details on this switch on this website under Equipment.

Is it possible to receive FM radio with an indoor aerial by means of the optional DAB+/FM module?

No, since the concerned module is a module with RDS tuner, which was optimised for cable reception. The tuner signal can either be received by a roof aerial with aerial amplifier or by the cable network. The use of a indoor aerial is not recommendable.

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Antenna jack for Joy DAB/FM radio
Antenna jack for Joy DAB/FM radio
Optional DAB / FM splitter
Optional DAB / FM splitter