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M51 Audio System
M51 Audio System


While other systems only ever offer the last state-of-the-art technology, in other words technology that is already old, the future is built into the design principle of the M51. After all, the M51 is designed to grow as your requirements grow. New functionalities can be continuously integrated through new modules, very simply, through plug-&-play. Tomorrow or several years down the road. And always reflecting the current state-of-the-art technology.

The basic device

Your requirements and aspirations are as individual as you. And this is why the Re:system M51 adapts itself to your personal lifestyle. Its consistently modular construction enables you to create your individual Revox World ranging from a standalone audio/video centre right up to a comprehensive Multiroom solution for the whole house.

In the basic version, the M51 has a 5-channel output, a high-quality DVD drive as well as the basic requirements for the modular expansion of the system. In total, the M51 has 7 slots where Re:source modules can be inserted.

Two slots are reserved for the DVD module and the decoder module needed for decoding the different audio signals. Using the other five slots, the M51 can be perfectly customised to meet the requirements of the user.

5 channel amplifier in pulse width modulation technology
5 channel amplifier in pulse width modulation technology


The Re:source decoder module decodes the different audio formats for the Re:system M51, so that both stereo and surround formats can be played through the M51. One particular feature is the X-stereo function that enables the use of four speakers, even with pure stereo operation, which is the case well over 90% of the time. The module gives music lovers the option of pure analogue listening. In this case, the digital signal processor is switched off and the music can be experienced in its purest form, just as the sound engineer mixed it.

The best of both worlds

You will find that the fundamental idea of modularity has been consistently followed in two different M51 output concepts. One selection is to equip your system with an analogue 5 x 60 watt output, which is sure to delight every music-loving audiophile. For particularly large rooms, Revox offers one of the best digital outputs in the industry: The powerful 5 x 200 watt PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output delivers a uniquely warm and pleasing sound.

Control from the iPad
Control from the iPad


The logical layout of the operating elements, together with the functional and clearly structured display, guarantee the uncomplicated handling of all functions of the Re:system M51 source management. If required, this user interface can be transferred to external control systems so that, independent of the system, a uniform, intuitive user interface controls the complete Revox system.

One of the most popular user interfaces is the App for the Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With these you can control all functions of the M51 from the comfort of your sofa and get an immediate feedback about the system status.

You will find more details about the control options in the category 'Control', particularly under Re:control M208, Wall-mounted control and Revox Apps.

A foundation for sustainable development

The modules for DVD, decoder and amplifier are already included. Further functions such as tuner, input/output, audio or video server, Multiroom and the Multiroom Side room module can be simply integrated on a plug-&-play principle. Therefore, it is not only possible to combine all functions as you want, but they can be retrofitted at any time in the future.

High-quality rotary knob on the M51
High-quality rotary knob on the M51

The aesthetics of perfect functionality

The Re:system M51 source management combines innovative functionality with aesthetic perfection. High-quality materials and extensive processing support the clear and functional contours. The housing is made of solid aluminium with a brushed-finish surface. Great attention was paid to the details. For example, the solid turning knob is positioned in a brass bearing, guaranteeing perfect rotary movement. The particularly large and clear display is characterised by functional aesthetics.

Intelligent today. Ingenious tomorrow.

Always on station
The Re:source tuner module is designed to receive FM radio stations and is characterised by its excellent reception properties. Up to 50 stations can be stored in memory in any order using their RDS identifier or an individually assigned name. By deploying up to four tuner modules in the Re:system M51 or M10, up to four different radio stations can be listened to simultaneously within a Revox Multiroom system.

Open for everything
The Re:source in/output module offers four analogue audio inputs and one audio output. This enables external devices to be integrated tonally in the Revox system. If required, input 1 can simply and quickly be converted to allow a record player to be connected. All the inputs on this module can be given the name of the currently assigned source, e.g. Play Station or MP3 Player in the menu. Each input can be individually levelled out so that the volume level stays the same when switching between sources and doesn’t have to be adjusted.

Radio and further sources
Alternatively, the two modules mentioned above are available combined in one -  the FM tuner / IO module. Merely input 1 of the IO module is omitted as the FM tuner is applied at this point. With this module one slot of the M51 can be saved, provided that no record player ought to be applied, and either FM radio and analogue inputs and one analogue output can be used.

Picture and sound
The Re:source dvd module is the audio and video interface for the DVD drive that is integrated in the M51. High-quality video drivers take care of an excellent picture, which consistently receives critical acclaim as being one of the best on the market. At the same time, the module offers the analogue audio input for the sound signal from a TV device. As a true all-rounder, the DVD module can read CDs and DVDs including different ROM formats as well as MP3, JPEG and DIVX formats. The DVD module is available with SCART or Cinch connectors for connection to the picture reproduction device.

See better
As an optional add-on to the DVD module, the Re:source dvs module scales up the standard video signal to high-resolution formats, as high as 1080p. This enables the currently highest possible Full HD resolution. Because of the high level of integration in the controller, all signals are transmitted exclusively digitally and with extremely short signal paths. This gives Revox an advantage over external scalers that can’t offer this feature.

Complete freedom of movement
The Re:source Multiroom module makes the Re:system M51 or M10 into the controller of a Revox Multiroom system. Using the module, all analogue sources connected to the system can be distributed over four different listening zones. Within each listening zone, the programme can be transmitted into up to four rooms. Then for each room, up to four timer events can be set up. In this way, you can set a wake-up call in any room at any time or you can pre-program your entertainment with the desired programme, at the required time.

Surround yourself with sound
The Re:source multiroom slave module is used where multi-channel audio reproduction is needed for more rooms. In this case, the M51 with Multiroom Slave Module operates as a multi-channel side room amplifier with integrated DVD player. It is connected to the Multiroom Module in the central Re:system controller and imports the signals from there. Furthermore, the M51 with Multiroom Slave Module enables true Home Cinema surround sound, even in the side room, through the integrated DVD player or a local SAT receiver.

Everything under control
The Re:source server module communicates with products that for reasons of space, cannot be integrated into the Re:system M51, M100 or M10. This includes the M37 audio server from Revox. The content of the audio server is shown through an interface on the M51 display or on external Revox displays and can be selected simply and easily. Additionally, the module offers four analogue audio inputs so that up to four different audio signals can be reproduced at the same time, depending on the configuration.

Request programmes, 24/7
The Re:source Kaleidescape TM module integrates the Kaleidescape TM video server in the Revox system. The server audio content can be shown on the displays and called up very simply. The films stored on the server can be selected through an intuitive OSD on the television. The perfect, simple to operate Home Cinema experience is a result of the system’s seamless task distribution. The image data is distributed through the Kaleidescape TM World. Revox handles the processing and the complete control of the audio signals.

Gateway to the multimedia world
With the Re:source multimedia module, we have opened up completely now horizons for the Revox system. The module enables the seamless integration of Internet radio, iPod, USB sticks and network hard discs into the Multiroom System. In this way, content from these sources can also be selected easily through the Revox displays and the Revox Apps.



Decoder module
Decoder module
DVD module
DVD module
Tuner IO module
Tuner IO module
FM tuner module
FM tuner module
Multiroom module
Multiroom module
Communication module
Communication module
IO module
IO module
Scaler module
Scaler module
Multimedia module
Multimedia module
Multiroom slave module
Multiroom slave module

Technical data

General data
DimensionsH 136 x W 460 x D 400 mm (without cable)
Weight 20,5 kg
AC supply voltage230 V alternatively 115 V
Fuse rating4 A alternatively 8 A, slow-blow
Power consumptionMax. 500 Watt
OperationTypical 70 Watt
Stand-by2 Watt
Amplifier - data analogue
Output power5 x 60 Watt RMS
Frequency response20 Hz - 150 kHz / -3 dB
Suppression factor> 100 at 8 Ohm
Harmonic distortion0,003 % at 20 Watt
Headphone output:Max. 1 V at 32 Ohm
Amplifier - data digital
Output power5 x 200 Watt Music
Frequency response3 Hz - 60 kHz
Suppression factor200
Harmonic distortion:0,003 % at 50 Watt
Headphone output:Max. 1 V at 32 Ohm

FAQ - Häufig gestellte Fragen

How can I set the time manually?

You can set the time for all rooms on any M217 in the house. When the room is in standby modus, you can press the upper and lower navigation keys and set the time.

Why does the M51 display show "Revox Multiroom", even though it is turned off?

This happens, when a remote room is activated.

What can I do if the M51 reacts to a remote control of a Loewe TV?

Please set the Loewe TV on remote control code 2 (TV in menu and remote control itself). Please see also the user manual of the TV.

Why is the M51 not responsive to the remote control?

Please check whether on the display of the M51 a symbol appears showing a crossed out remote control. Is this the case, the infrared receiver of the M51 is deactivated. Turn the display remote ON under Setup.

How many multimedia modules can I run in a M51?

With the M51 you can only run one multimedia module! If you require more than one Multimedia module, you can use the M10 or the M100.


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Revox Multiuser brochure

Revox Multiuser brochure english. (2MB)

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Revox Joy brochure

Revox Joy brochure (1MB)

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Revox speakers brochure

Revox speakers brochure (2MB)

23.02.16 Download

User manual M51 MKI

User manual of the M51 MKI (372kB)

23.02.16 Download

User manual M51 MKII

User manual of the home cinema amplifier M51 (498kB)

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The Re:connect M204 IR is always used if the Re:system M51 has been concealed and the integrated IR receiver there is not accessible. The M204 can also be integrated in the additionalrooms for the discrete reception of IR signals.

If, for interior design reasons, the Re:system M51 has to be concealed, external infrared receivers for transmitting the infrared commands to the M51 can be connected through the Re:connect M201 IR interface.

Das Re:connect M202 ethernet Interface erlaubt die Ansteuerung des Systems über PC und PDA und eröffnet seinem Benutzer dadurch zusätzliche komfortable Möglichkeiten, seine Revox Welt ganz einfach zu steuern. Über das M202 können...

The Re:connect M200/M203 interfaces offer the possibility to control selected TVs via their RS232 interface. The main idea is to integrate the TVs into the control concept of the Revox world.

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The RC 28 is mainly used for older Revox products like Evolution, Exception and Emotion. The key functionality of the M-series can be controlled as well with the RC 28 - for M51, M100, as well as the room amplifier.

The RC M100 is the standard remote control for the Re:system M100 audio system. As well the remote handset can be used for the amplifier M219, M51 and as well the  Joy CD player.

Our wall-mounted control units give you the simple and intuitive operation of your system where you want and when you want. Even when your remote control doesn’t happen to be where you are at the moment.

The M208 is an all-rounder that unifies a fascinating range of functions into a single, crystal-clear operating concept. Its ergonomically and logically crafted user interface gives you full control over your complete Revox world.

With the L active bass, Revox has set a further milestone in the integration of high-quality audio/video systems into personalised living situations. When equipped with an optional cushion, it converts into a unique seat with...

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As an enhancement to your Home Cinema solution, the Re:sound S center 03 completes the realistic sound experience of your surround system. It provides an unbelievably rich sound reproduction and presence and supplies the powerful...

With its integrated 80 Watt amplifier, the Re:sound S active bass 03 will introduce you to the fascinating world of deep frequencies. The bass is also available with a white finish.

With its integrated 250 Watt amplifier, the Re:sound S active bass 04 will introduce you to the fascinating world of deep frequencies. The bass is also available with a white finish.

In spite of an edge length of only 98 mm, even the biggest sceptic cannot fail to be convinced by the clear, uncluttered sound impression of the Re:sound cube in concert with a Re:sound bass speaker.

From the elegant appearance of the S column, it is difficult to imagine how much power is concealed inside the slim, 2-way column speaker. It achieves a symmetrical sound dispersion and a fascinating full and spatial sound, with...

Elegance is the successful symbiosis of the powerful sound picture of the Prestige and the refined, slim Column.

Four long-throw bass chassis, a low-distortion mid-range speaker and a tweeter with a large fabric membrane are responsible for providing the precise sound quality of the slim Re:sound S prestige. As a standalone stereo speaker,...

The age-old dream of complete freedom of design can be achieved with the Re:sound I invisible series. The innovative panel speakers, just a few millimetres thick, are installed, completely concealed behind plaster, paint or...

The M51/M10 is designed to grow with your requirements. New functionalities can be continuously integrated through new modules. Very simply, through  plug-&-play. Tomorrow or several years down the road. And always...

The way to create the perfect audio library has never been as easy as it is with the Revox Joy Audio Server. All you have to do is a one-time definition of your audio quality and then just insert a CD.

You can also use design features from the G series to create surround solutions with the finest audiophile sound for your Home Cinema, with the attractive Re:sound G center.

Four long-throw bass drivers, a low-distortion mid-range speaker and a tweeter with a large fabric membrane are responsible for providing the uncompromisingly precise and powerful sound quality of the Re:sound G prestige.

Subtle in design, forceful in performance. The Re:sound G elegance speaker was developed for music lovers who prefer a slim profile for the speakers in their living room.

The elegant column speaker combines slenderness with the highest audio quality, perfectly.

Slideshow- Re:system M51

Re:system M51 front view
Re:system M51 front view
Re:system M51 with display
Re:system M51 with display
Detail view display M51
Detail view display M51
Detail view volume control
Detail view volume control
Rear view with modules
Rear view with modules
M51 in livingroom with G prestige
M51 in livingroom with G prestige
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