Gira and Revox have worked closely together for several years and developed the wall-mounted operating panel for the Revox Multiroom system in conjunction. The integration of the Gira domestic building control system KNX and the Revox systems is continually being developed further and is certainly unique. It is even possible to control the complete Multiroom system (or even individual elements) with the HomeServer from Gira very intuitively.
The Gira Company is one of the premium manufacturers in the electro-technical industry. About 900 employees produce switches and power sockets but also system components for intelligent building technology, for instance devices for the Instabus KNX/EIB System at the Gira plant in Radevormwald/Germany. Through the Gira Design Platforms, new technologies grow together with the electrical installation and become elements of the Gira world of switches. Gira offers recessed-mounting operating units for the Revox Multiroom System that harmonise permanently with the Gira product range. Various interfaces offer the possibility of networking the Revox audio/video system completely in the building system technology of Gira.
There are about 40 Gira Revox Studios around the world. By visiting these studios, the customer can uniquely experience the awesome combination of the two worlds of domestic building control and audio/video - in just the same way as he can install it at home. Gira and Revox cooperate globally.


Feller - the market leader in Switzerland - and Revox have been cooperating on the Swiss market for several years. Feller markets the wall-mounted operating panel for the Revox Multiroom System and integrates also domestic building control systems at the highest level, being very intuitive for the customer to operate.
Joint sales points have been established at various locations, where the Feller building management system is exclusively shown in combination with audio/video systems from Revox.


Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Iserlohn, is an internationally active, family-run manufacturer of premium designer fittings and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens. Highly skilled staff and the latest production technologies guarantee manufacturing quality of the highest level.
With its claim of being the innovation driver in the industry, Dornbracht is continuously making advances in the areas of technology and production.
Under the title of "Connected Comfort", the Dornbracht, Gira and Revox brands have come together to offer their customers an unparalleled feel-good experience. In the simplest way, the user will enjoy all the sensations of water, light scenes and exceptional sound.

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