Music for your tape machine
in Studio-Master-Quality

The perfect sound experience

There are still thousands of tape machines in action around the world. In the official Revox Music Shop you can find exclusive one-to-one copies of analogue master tapes. Whatever you choose, you can expect a music experience that only sound engineers or the artists themselves have heard before. Without any transformation into other audio formats we offer you the direct sound adventure.

Manufacturing process

The copying machines are refurbished STUDER A80 devices. The playback and recording levels are controlled by RTW gauges. The copy is created using a Pure Analogue process directly from a master tape of the first generation. The result is a copy in the best possible quality.

Before every recording the audio heads are demagnetised and all tape-guiding elements are cleaned. 

After every tenth recording the machines are calibrated by means of monitoring devices and corrected if required. For this purpose calibrated gauges from NTI/Neutrik are applied.



Scope of delivery

  • 38 cm / sec - CCIR – 0.75mm - RMG 468 Metal coils - 2 tapes per album
  • 19 cm / sec - NAB – 0.75mm - RMG 468 Metal coils - 1 tape per album

Each album consists of StudioMaster 468 tapes on NAB metal reels.

The tape material is brand-new from Pyral/France. Each tape follows the design of the corresponding disc publication including a booklet. Beside the production date the album is provided with a consecutive serial number.

Note: The tapes are produced after receipt of order. The delivery time is between 7 and 28 days.

Link to the official Revox Music Shop

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