Smart and different.
Revox Evolution
A completely new operating concept.

Evolution amplifier, FM radio and CD player
Evolution amplifier, FM radio and CD player

Ward-winning design and unique operating

The powerful Revox Evolution hi-fi system offers you pure unadulterated music. Its intriguing design is certain to catch your eye, and its unique control feature is made to live up to your expectations. The menus on the user-friendly display enable you to easily control all components: amplifier, tuner, CD player, and tape deck. At a glance, you see which unit is in operation. And at the touch of a button, the show begins. Of course, you can also control the Evolution by using the stylish IR handset whose features have been reduced to the essential. The scratch resistant, moulded cabinet is made of Quaryl, a Revox patent compound of silica and acrylic resin. Firn white or basalt grey finish, vertical arrangement of the components, and wireless connection of the units characterise the unusual design of this hi-fi system. No wonder was the Evolution bestowed many designer awards. However, at Revox design is not an end in itself: the vertical and wireless connection of the components allows an easy installation in no time.

The amplifier is the core unit of the Evolution. You do not need any wires to hook up all components as two horizontal square prisms provide mechanical stability and electrical connection.

Control the Evolution by using either the display or the stylish IR remote handset, which is simple in its design and use.

Evolution as design element
Evolution as design element


The amplifier is the heart of the Evolution, equipped with two powerful 150 watts RMS output power stages. Cold-circuit technology keeps power consumption low and ensures longevity. The Evolution amplifier features connection possibilities for surround sound as well as a built-in Multiroom system, which offers you the opportunity to listen to different sound sources in different rooms at the same time.

Timer module

A standard feature of the Evolution is the Multiroom timer module. Set it to wake you up or to turn off automatically after a defined period of time - when you have already cosily fallen asleep to the sound of music. Thanks to the Revox Multiroom system, you can enjoy this privilege in all rooms.

FM tuner

Traditionally, Revox tuners combine excellent reception performance with perfect sonic ability. The Evolution tuner's feature list includes automatic programme identification RDS, the ability to search and store up to 35 stations, and a clear and easily readable index of station names.

CD player

The sophisticated CD player ensures superb dynamics without distortions thanks to bitstream technology and excellent error correction. Since the programming menu is well-structured, you do not need to be an expert to play or record tracks in a prearranged order.

Tape deck

The tape deck with dual capstan tape transport, regulated reel drive, and automatic tape calibration offers you an unparalleled musical experience. The real-time display and the handy title search help you to easily find your favourite song on every cassette. The Evolution tape deck of course comes with Dolby B/C noise reduction and Dolby HX headroom extension.

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