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Music - quick, easy and good

In 2001 Revox set a milestone with the M57 audio server. As one of the first companies, Revox dared the field of automatic recording of CDs with the enhancement of metadata and launched with the M57 a server that set standards.

The M57 is the perfect combination of innovative audio technology and state-of-the-art data organisation. Using an Organiser (Palm), you have quick and easy access to your complete music collection at all times. The required track is only the press of a button away, giving you the right music to fit every occasion; quickly, simply and comfortably.

The M57 was supplied with different hard disks in the sizes 80, 160 and 250 GB and was able to provide up to 8 analogue audio outputs at the same time.

M57 audio server
M57 audio server
Control via Visor or Palm
Control via Visor or Palm
M37 audio server
M37 audio server

The M37 audio server - the audiophile sound archive

The reproduction of music in the best possible quality has been path taken by the Revox brand for decades. Voice reproduction has always been a cornerstone of the brand.

Also when it came to the M37 audio server, it was important not just to offer a music archive that was easy to operate but also to integrate excellent sound quality in the server. Music can be stored on the M37 in CD quality.

But the M37 also offers enough memory even for very large music archives. Up to 6000 hours of music can be saved to the hard disc. This then however, is a compressed version such as MP3 or WMA.


The operation and controllability of the Re:source M37 stand out particularly through the clear organisational structure, which is reflected in the design of all user interfaces and in the clear, flexible operating concept.

The M37 can be operated in many ways. The basic settings and the music reproduction can be arranged through the unit's front panel. A simpler and more intuitive approach is to use the M37's Web user interface to control it.

The M37 can also be controlled through the various options of a Revox Multiroom system.

Independent of the user interface, music can be selected by artist, album, genre or individually defined playlists.

Audio recording

When recording from the integrated CD drive, the Re:source M37 audio server connects automatically though its interface to the Gracenote database on the Internet and searches for all the information about the CD that has been inserted. The Re:source M37 audio server can also be connected to a PC through its integrated Ethernet connectivity. This makes possible the transfer of audio data from the PC, control through a Web browser, including a cover art display, or the creation of your own individual playlists.

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