Multiuser Update 2.3.0

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Now certified: Deezer und Tidal

Good News!
We have completed and received certification for Deezer and Tidal for use in the Revox Multiuser System. With the new system software V2.3.0 there is no limit to your streaming wishes. Listen to your favorite music through your favorite streaming service. Unlike Spotify Connect, these two services are fully integrated and directly accessible via the Multiuser app. Therefore, an additional Revox Stream license is required for both services. These licenses can now be ordered with the following article number. The MAC address of the Revox Synology Server is required to deliver the licenses!

Revox Multiuser System: Update 2.3.0

In addition to the integration of Deezer and Tidal, we have made some further improvements and various minor changes in version 2.3.0:

  • Favourite playlist for each user. Each user can define a playlist as their personal favorite playlist in the music server. This favorite playlist can be accessed by the user anywhere in the house at the push of a button. A new Voxnet Text command is available for this feature.
  • Various improvements and adjustments in the music server.
  • New display option in the Revox Multiuser iOS and Android App. In addition to the usual grid view, a list view optimized for smaller displays is also available.
  • Improved stability of the web interface.
  • Improved behavior of the Revox Synology Server after a power failure.
  • Automatically reconnect the iOS and Android app after Wi-Fi interruption.
  • Optimized behavior for stream interruptions at Internet radio stations.
  • Shuffle & Repeat features optimized.

In order that you can use the new features a system update of the Revox devices to version 2.3.0 is recommended. Please contact your local Revox partner for detailed information.

Intuitive touch control! 
NEW | The Revox Control V255 display

The new Revox Control V255 wall-mounted display provides intuitive touch control of your Multiroom/Multiuser system and offers the perfect operating solution.

In addition to the basic V255 version which is a pure Revox controller, the display will also be available in an open Android version. Moreover, both versions will also be available equipped with a WiFi module.

The open Android version allows the integration of any Android Apps. This makes it possible to control the Multiroom audio system, the lighting, etc. all from the Revox V255 display.

Interested? Please find detailed information about the Revox Control V255 display here.

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