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Revox M-Audiosystems - sytems with a future, systems for life.

Renowned for its unique design and ingeniously constructed products, the Revox brand offers the ultimate in multi-system compatibility, adhering to the simple underlying philosophy that whatever the function, whatever the technology, anything is possible. Pivotal to this Revox philosophy is a drive to create no-fuss, minimalistic solutions, unique the world over in terms of technological edge and unparalleled Revox professionalism. Revox: putting function and fascination into entertainment.

Whether as audiophile Stereo System, as modular Home Cinema Amplifier or even as intelligent Multiroom Controller in the utility room in your cellar, the innovative Revox systems provide for an excellent music pleasure with straight sound and voice reproduction and turn your home into a concert hall.


The Revox M100 is a compact stereo system that has been reduced to the bare, but exquisite essentials. Outstanding design, a fascinating and intuitive operating concept and a specification straight out of the top drawer, with a high-end 2 x 200 watt amplifier, FM tuner and HD scalable DVD player. A system that achieves your dreams today. And if you dream of more tomorrow? Then it’s still right for you. The M100 grows with your dreams.


The consistently modular construction of the Revox M51 enables you to create your individual Revox World ranging from a standalone audio/video centre right up to a comprehensive Multiroom solution for the whole house. In the basic version, the M51 has a 5-channel output, a high-quality DVD drive as well as the basic requirements for the modular expansion of the system. In total, the M51 has 7 slots where Revox modules can be inserted.


With the Revox M10, we are offering property developers in particular an innovative possibility to make their new homes ready for intelligent living, at an attractive entry level price, with the modular Revox Multiroom system. The M10 can be included at the start of the planning phase and then installed centrally in the house. Which audio/video offering will then be used in which room can be decided at a later stage. Whatever the case, the prerequisites for a fascinating audiophile future with the Revox Multiroom system are assured with the M10.

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