Revox Joy remote control.

It must be a piece of cake to operate! - This was the premise behind the S208 system remote control for the Revox product range. The elegant remote control with subtly lit buttons and a colour display controls the Joy family in a truly simple and intuitive manner, as it does other audio devices and your television. Multiple operating steps can be bundled together into a single press of a button using programmed macros (commands). The smart S208 from Revox puts you in control of your entire entertainment system with a single remote.

S208 in several rooms

If several Revox Joy products are used in one house, these can be controlled with a single S208 remote control if required. The maximum number of devices that can be controlled by one remote control is limited to 24. This number is made up of a number of wireless, radio-signal sources (Revox Joy products) and infrared sources. In total, up to 24 devices can be programmed per remote control. If, for example, four Revox Joy products are operated through one remote control, up to a further 20 IR devices can also be added.

Eight zones (rooms) can be created per remote control. Up to 4 devices can be assigned to each zone through hotkeys. This comfort function allows the most important devices in a room to be reached through one display. A maximum of six remote controls can be paired with one Revox Joy product. If further remote controls are paired with the Revox Joy, the "oldest" remote control is dropped from the list.

Easy Creator

Using the Easy Creator software, the S208 can be configured to your personal requirements through a PC running Windows XP or 7. The Easy Creator software from Revox includes an extensive database of many different IR-controlled devices. The required IR commands can be programmed onto the remote control from this database. If required, the buttons can also be individually assigned. In addition, the Easy Creator application can also be used to program different zone names and to assign devices to the four hotkeys.

To combine operating steps, the Easy Creator Software allows you to assign several commands from the Joy or the infrared database to one macro. With this comprehensive software you can configure your remote control to your individual needs. In conjunction with an IR to KNX converter Revox even provides in collaboration with the brand Gira some basic functions of the control of a building management system.

Technical data

Remote control
DimensionsH 20 x W 52 x L 240 mm
Weight 190 g incl. battery
IR range 8 m
RF range

up to 65 m in open area

Frequency 2,4 GHz
Display 240 x 320 pixel colour screen
Data rate up to 2 Mbps
Operation time  approx. 1 week at normal operation
Docking station
Dimensions H 25 x W 80 x T 125 mm
Weight 200 g
Accessories Power supply


10.12.18 Download

Product data sheet

Product data sheet of the Revox Joy S208 Remote Control (611kB)

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Revox Multiuser brochure

Revox Multiuser brochure english. (2MB)

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Revox Joy brochure

Revox Joy brochure (1MB)

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Revox speakers brochure

Revox speakers brochure (2MB)

09.06.15 Download

Revox Joy Easy Creator V1.35

Configuration software version 1.35 for the Revox Joy S208 remote control MKI and MKII (40MB)

19.09.14 Download

User manual Easy Creator

User manual of the Revox Joy Easy Creator configuration software for the S208 remote control (2MB)

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