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Re:connect iPod extension kit
You decide where your music is playing.

iPod extension kit
iPod extension kit

Re:connect iPod extension kit

A Re:source multimedia module in the Re:system M51, M100 or M10 can access the music content of an iPod and play the music throughout the house. You navigate your iPod through the Re:control M217/M218 wall-mounted control panels exactly as on the iPod itself. The usual selection criteria such as album, artist and playlists are displayed in the Revox system the same way as in the iPod.

The space in the immediate area of the multimedia module isn't necessarily always the best place to keep your iPod. With the Re:connect iPod extension kit, which consists of two small black devices - a receiver and a transmitter - it is possible to bridge a distance of up to 100 metres between the multimedia module and the iPod.

The iPod can be connected directly to the extension kit receiver or also in conjunction with the Re:connect iPod docking station.

If you also connect the supplied USB power supply to the receiver, the iPod can also be charged over a distance of up to 100 metres.

Technical data

Dimensions H 25 x W 113 x D 50 mm
Weight 155 g
Max. cable 100 m (Transmitter - Local receiver)
Cable type CAT 7 - screened ( 4 single screened cable pairs)


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Revox Multiuser brochure

Revox Multiuser brochure english. (2MB)

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Revox Joy brochure

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User manual

User manual of the iPod extension kit (213kB)

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iPod extension kit receiver
iPod extension kit receiver
iPod extension kit transmitter
iPod extension kit transmitter

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