The interface to the IP world.
Re:connect M202 ethernet interface
Choose your indivudual operation.

Re:connect M202 ethernet interface
Re:connect M202 ethernet interface

Communication with the worlds

Revox offers four different communication methods for controlling the whole system. Two of these communication types are implemented through the Re:connect M202 ethernet interface.

The two protocols M-Link and M-Text serve as languages for the Revox World. While M-Link represents the actual language on the Revox bus and is very complex, the M-Text offers a clear and simple communication structure.

All Revox applications are written at the M-Link level. You will find initial impressions in the M202 gallery. A detailed description is to be found under the Re:control - Revox Apps section.

M-text protocol

Because of the endless diversity of control units on the market, Revox cannot write an application for each individual system. Revox has however developed the M-Text language in order to deliver an operational approach for the products.

This language is communicated on a network through TCP or UDP and offers a control and a small response about the status of the Revox Multiroom world. It is not however possible to achieve a complete browse of the archive with M-Text.

The selection of the different sources, the emulation of an infrared remote control, control of the Revox scenes, the party mode and the selection of playlists are just a selection of the possibilities offered by the M-Text protocol. The language is structured such that it can be learnt quickly and can also be read relatively easily.

Each command starts with the room number, a command and one or more parameters.

The command "01:SELECT:TUNER:" switches room 1 on with the tuner as the source. With the command "09:IR:VOLUME_UP" the volume in room 9 is increased by one step. "32:SET:VOLUME:30:" sets the volume in room 32 to an absolute value of 30.

Re:control M208 remote control
Re:control M208 remote control

Light control

In many areas, the Revox world can also be controlled through an infrared remote control. The Revox remote control code is built on RC5 technology.

Revox has reserved a small part of the infrared commands for the control of building functions. If IR commands are sent to a particular address, the Revox system not only recognises the command but also the room where the command was sent from.

Both these pieces of information are combined into a new command that is sent over UDP as an IP telegram. In this way, products such as a Gira Home Server can evaluate this telegram and implement an action in the building. Whether the action is to switch a light, control a window blind or trigger a scene, is something that you as a customer decide together with your electrical installer and system integrator.

Gira Quad Client on Control 19"
Gira Quad Client on Control 19"

The superior control

The special strengths of the Revox system come to the fore wherever worlds should grow together. Thanks to the many interfaces and communication levels, Revox can communicate with many other systems.

Revox cooperates with the Gira and Feller companies from the electrical installation industry. Both companies offer a home server that can not only control the functions of a building but can also coordinate the different areas of the building installation.

From lighting to heating, security systems, webcams and audio/video systems, almost all areas can be coordinated in a targeted way.

In order to make the operation of this number of functions simple and clear, the user interface can be programmed and modified to meet the requirements of the building owner.

Technical data

DimensionsH 65 x W 140 x D 30 mm
Weight 250 g
Max. cable length 100 m (M202 - M51)
Additional information Static IP address
Communication protocol M-Text


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Revox Multiuser brochure

Revox Multiuser brochure english. (2MB)

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Revox Joy brochure

Revox Joy brochure (1MB)

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Revox speakers brochure

Revox speakers brochure (2MB)

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M-Text protocol

M-text protocol for the Revox M-series / clear text protocol for the control of the Revox world via IP (450kB)

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User manual

User manual of the M202 interface (618kB)

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