The room amplifier.
Re:connect M219
The concertmaster for every room.

Re:connect M219 room amplifier
Re:connect M219 room amplifier

Room amplifier M219

In a Revox Multiroom system, you always need a central unit (a Re:system M10, Re:system M51 or Re:system M100) and an amplifier for each side room. Depending on the room requirements, this can be a Re:connect M219 side room amplifier or Re:system product in a "slave" version.

The Re:connect M219 side room amplifier is connected to the multiroom module in a Re:system device using a CAT 7 standard Revox multiroom cable. Depending on the configuration, up to 32 side rooms can be connected to a Revox Multiroom system.

At least two speakers are connected to an M219 to provide sound for a room. We also recommend connecting a Re:control M217/M218 wall-mounted control panel.

Optionally, up to 3 local sources can also be connected to a M219 side room amplifier. This could, for example, be a television in the bathroom, an iPod in a young person's room or the sound card from a PC in the home office. As the name says, these sources can only be listened to locally.

Connections of the M219 room amplifier
Connections of the M219 room amplifier

Connection possibilities

The RJ45 connection represents the connection to the Revox multiroom world. The audio and control data are transferred to the rooms over a Revox multiroom cable, e..g. CAT 7. The transmission is done at studio technology level with a symmetrical audio signal. This means that you can experience the best sound quality in all rooms.

Access to the Revox M-Link bus is made through the RJ11 connection. Typically, the Re:control M217 wall-mounted display is connected here. Optionally, the Re:connect M203 can be connected for controlling a television.

The speakers are connected using the best installation technology, through a Phoenix plug. In the same way, an additional Re:control M218 wall-mounted control panel or an external Re:connect M204 IR receiver can be connected to the 3-pin socket.

The M219 side room amplifier has 3 local inputs. Up to three analogue audio sources can be connected to these for purely local operation.

The M219 also has a pre-amp output. The performance level of the M219 is not enough if sound has to be provided for larger rooms or public areas like restaurants. External outputs of any size can be connected through the pre-amp output. The pre-amp output volume can be configured to a fixed or a variable level.

M10 and M219 in a rack
M10 and M219 in a rack
Cabling in a rack
Cabling in a rack


The Re:connect M219 side room amplifier can be used for decentralised as well as centralised applications. Normally, side room amplifiers are installed in a central equipment cabinet complete with cabling and then connected with other components such as wall-mounted operating panels, speakers or even external sources.
It is important that a lot of care and attention is paid with such an installation. Both the configuration of the system and the cabling must always be done such that the cabling layout can always be traced back.
If a centralised installation is not possible because of cabling issues in the building, the side room amplifiers can also be installed decentrally, i.e. in the different rooms of the house.

TV control in the remote room
TV control in the remote room

Intelligent TV connection

With the Re:connect M203 TV interface, Revox offers the possibility of controlling certain televisions in any room where a Re:system product or a Re:connect M219 side room amplifier is deployed.

With the M203, the Revox system controls the behaviour of the television in conjunction with the selected audio source. Depending on the source, the M203 interface doesn't just turn the connected television on or off through an RS232 control; it also switches to the appropriate video input.

You don't need to have countless remote controls or to carry out countless operations any more. You simply press one button on your remote control and straight away, the Revox world starts the selected source and if necessary, the Revox system switches on the television with the corresponding input.

Spacer for the M219
Spacer for the M219


Often, it is necessary to install the Re:connect M219 in a plant room or cabinet. With the Re:cessory M219 spacers, it is possible to bolt several M219s together with sufficient space between them to allow for adequate ventilation of the products.

Technical data

DimensionsH 60 x W 225 x D 160 mm
Weight 2,4 kg
AC supply voltage 230 V or 115 V
Fuse rating 0,5 A or 1 A, slow-blow
Power consumption Max. 115 Watt
Operation Typical 7 Watt
Standby 2 Watt
Operating conditions +10 up to +40 °C (Humidity class corresp. DIN 40040)
Music output power* 2 x 50 Watt Music
Frequency response* 10 Hz - 25 kHz / -3 dB
Suppression factor* >200 bei 8 Ohm / 1 kHz
Harmonic distortion* 0,03 % at 10 Watt
* Amplifier


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User manual

User manual of the M219 room amplifier (682kB)

Matching products

The Re:connect M204 IR is always used if the Re:system M51 has been concealed and the integrated IR receiver there is not accessible. The M204 can also be integrated in the additionalrooms for the discrete reception of IR signals.

The Re:connect M200/M203 interfaces offer the possibility to control selected TVs via their RS232 interface. The main idea is to integrate the TVs into the control concept of the Revox world.

The RC 28 is mainly used for older Revox products like Evolution, Exception and Emotion. The key functionality of the M-series can be controlled as well with the RC 28 - for M51, M100, as well as the room amplifier.

The RC M100 is the standard remote control for the Re:system M100 audio system. As well the remote handset can be used for the amplifier M219, M51 and as well the  Joy CD player.

Our wall-mounted control units give you the simple and intuitive operation of your system where you want and when you want. Even when your remote control doesn’t happen to be where you are at the moment.

The M208 is an all-rounder that unifies a fascinating range of functions into a single, crystal-clear operating concept. Its ergonomically and logically crafted user interface gives you full control over your complete Revox world.

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The Re:sound S piccolo proves, that with an edge length of only 140 mm, size isn’t everything when it comes to delivering a good sound. It is also available optionally with a white textured paint finish.

The compact speaker in file-binder format, ideal for shelf positioning or for flexible positioning with a wall-bracket. A perfect sound, requiring the minimum space.

From the elegant appearance of the S column, it is difficult to imagine how much power is concealed inside the slim, 2-way column speaker. It achieves a symmetrical sound dispersion and a fascinating full and spatial sound, with...

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The basis of the M100 is a compact stereo system. Outstanding design, a  fascinating and intuitive operating concept and a specification straight out of the top drawer, with a high-end 2 x 200 watt amplifier, FM tuner and HD...

The elegant column speaker combines slenderness with the highest audio quality, perfectly.

The ideal speaker for the bookshelf and the workplace. With its file-binder format, the 2-way loudspeaker delivers a perfect sound whilst occupying the minimum space.

With the Re:sound G mini, Revox is launching the smallest speaker in the G series. The Re:sound G mini is the ideal combination for all those who are short on space but who don’t want to be sold short on the music experience.

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M219 room amplifier
M219 room amplifier
M219 rear view with 3 local inputs
M219 rear view with 3 local inputs
M219 spacer
M219 spacer
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