Unsung heroes.
Re:connect interfaces
Crystal-clear intelligence
for seamless communication.

Re:system M51 in connection with a TV operation
Re:system M51 in connection with a TV operation

Communication is everything

Revox offers a completely new concept in Home Entertainment. All video and audio components throughout the whole house, if you wish, are controlled from just one device. This concept brings a completely new clarity and simplicity into the operation, which calls for a professional, technical design in the background. The Re:connect interfaces handle the task of ensuring perfect communication between the different system components. They are the unsung heroes who carry out their work where you can’t see it. They facilitate problem-free networking with other systems, from the connection of video and audio sources up to the integration in IT or building management systems.

Potential: The sky is the limit

Through a logical selection and combination of Re:connect interfaces, you can handle practically all imaginable solutions for your Revox system. Just imagine. You come into your house and are greeted with your favourite music being played. Or, you want to enjoy a film on the television on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Your Revox system closes the shutters and dims the lights to create a perfect television atmosphere. Or in the morning when you get up, the radio or television programme you have selected follows you from the bedroom, through the bathroom and on into the kitchen. All this and much, much more is possible in the Revox world. A competent Revox consultant will configure your Revox system exactly according to your wishes and aspirations.

Re:connect M200/M203

Re:connect M200/M203 interfaces are principally used to control televisions over an RS232 interface. Selected HDMI converters can also be included in the control scenarios. An M200 can handle small control tasks with a Home cinema system. Larger control functions in the building management system can be effected by an M203 KNX.

Re:connect M201 IR Interface

External infrared receives can be connected to the Re:system M51 or Re:system M100 using the M201 interface, in order to enable a concealed installation of the Revox products.

Re:connect M202 Ethernet Interface

The Re:connect M202 is invaluable if you want to control the Revox M series with an App or through an IP telegram from the building management system. Up to 8 GUIs can access an M series at the same time.

Re:connect M204 IR Receiver

Whenever devices are concealed-installed, an external, discretely installed infrared receiver is very helpful. Revox offers several designs that can work together with amplifiers from the M series.

Re:connect M219 Side room amplifier

Side room amplifiers make it possible to play different music in every room in the house. Even if the M219 side room amplifier is the smallest model in the M series, together with its overall functionality, its acoustic options are sure to convince.

Re:connect M300 Video bus

With the addition of the M300/M301 Video bus, a Re:system M51 is expanded by a further six audio/video inputs that can be fully integrated in the control of the M51.

Re:connect iPod extension kit

The Re:connect iPod extension kit consist of a receiver and a transmitter. A distance of 100 meters between both devices can be bridged. This kit is always needed if the technology should be located in the cellar but the iPod should be connected to the system from the lounge.

Re:connect iPod docking station

Your iPhone or iPad doesn't just sit securely in the Revox iPod Docking station but through the interface, it makes its audio content available to the Revox Multiroom system.

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