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Re:system M100
The process of innovation Life is constantly changing. Technical advance is accelerating at breakneck speed. And a product, launched on the market today as a brand new innovation, can be overtaken tomorrow. With the Re:system M100, Revox is facing up to this challenge and taking innovation a significant step further. The solution: A system that already has the future built into it. A system that sets standards today and reveals its full potential tomorrow. Discover the system for life. Evolutionary paradigm If you want to survive until tomorrow, you have to adapt to your environment today. The Re:system M100 follows this law of evolution to the letter. The basis is a compact stereo system that has been reduced to the bare, but exquisite essentials. Outstanding design, a fascinating and intuitive operating concept and a specification straight out of the top drawer, with a high-end 2 x 200 watt amplifier, FM tuner and HD scalable DVD player. A system that achieves your dreams today. And if you dream of more tomorrow? Then it's still right for you. The Re:system M100 grows with your dreams.

Technical data
Dimensions basis 1H 185 x W 181 x D 340 mm
Weight basis 113 kg
Dimensions moduleH 84 x W 113 x D 340 mm
Weight module2,5 kg
Fuse rating230 V 3.15 A 115 V 6.3 A
Power consumptionMax. 500 W
Basis 1 operationOperation 30 W
Stand By0,75 W
Output power2 x 170 W RMS at 4 Ohm 2 x 220 W Music
Frequency response (-3 db)5 Hz - 55 kHz
Suppression factor660
Harmonic distortion0,003 % at 100 W at 4 Ohm
Headphone outputImpedance >= 8 Ohm (I=130 mA max.)
31.05.2011 | Test report Re:system M100/Re:sound G prestige Audiophile | pdf | 0.81 MB | Download
17.05.2011 | Test report Re:system M100/Re:sound G prestige Stereoplay (German) | pdf | 4.4 MB | Download
22.12.2010 | Press review Re:system M100 Hifi & Home Theater (Chinese) | pdf | 0.17 MB | Download
26.01.2011 | Press review Re:system M100 Home electronics (German) | pdf | 3.43 MB | Download
02.03.2011 | Amplifier setting Re:system M100 | pdf | 0.03 MB | Download
04.04.2014 | Manual M100 basis | pdf | 3.25 MB | Download